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Relationship between lists

Hello everyone,


I need help with flow automation.

I have 2 lists:


1) the main list - it's a request list

2) the task list


Every task is created in the task list, has a column called 'Ref ID' that it's filled with the ID of the main list. That's the way of relationship.


In the main list, I have a column called 'Concluded'.


I need to fill this colunm with Power Automate with yes, when ALL the tasks of the another is done.

For exemple, if i have 3 tasks on the task list, this columns only can be changed to Yes, when the 3 tasks is done.


I'm building the flow as below:


When a item is modified (in the task list) this is my trigger ->

Get item from my main list (Filter ID eq 'Ref ID')


After this I need to check if All the tasks is done - I can update my item to Concluded.

If not, don't update.


My difficult is to power automate check item by item. 

I need this urgently, please!!



Solution Sage
Solution Sage

This sounds like the perfect use case for trigger conditions. You can read about trigger conditions at Power Automate Trigger Conditions made EASY - Power Platform Community ( You can then set it up so the flow only runs if the three tasks are no. You will probably also want to add you Concluded column to the task list so you can add that as a trigger. Otherwise the workflow will run again if the task is edited and the three tasks are still tagged as completed.

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