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Reminder Flow 2 days before due date

Hey Guys,


im trying to build a Reminder Flow wich is linked to my Excel Online (Business) 




So in this step i Compose my Excel "Date" data into a format wich i can use. 

So fine so good, I get every Date I want in an Normal Date format. 




This are the Compose actions from top to down : 




Here im trying to filter the Empty Fields in my Date Row and it should give me the Dates. 




This one captures the current time


if(empty(items('ApplyEach_Dates')?['Datum']),'',addDays(outputs('ComposeWorkDate'),2, 'yyyy-MM-dd'))


here it gets the Dates from the Date Row again and adds +2 days to it. 


So im not sure how i should do my conditions so my Co Workers get an Email 2 Days before the Due Date comes. 


Here i tried the Condition : 


outputs ('ComposeWorkDate') is less than  outputs('Compose')




Condition 2: 


outputs('Compose_2') is less than or equal outputs('Compose')





I always get the entries with the Co Workes with current Dates

what am i doing wrong here ? 




Super User
Super User

Hello @SchednNedn ,

maybe you could do the filtering directly using the Filter Query in the 'List rows present in a table' action.

The assumption is, that Excel will provide you the date as a sequence number. Therefore, if you were able to turn today's date + the 2 days in advance into a sequence number, you could use a Filter Query

Datum eq 'Today+2days sequence number'

You can take the sequence number for today by calculating a difference between today's date and the 1899-12-30 (as used for the conversion of the Excel date number to actual date).

Calculate: ticks(...) for utcNow() minus ticks(...) for the date of '1899-12-30' as used in the conversion from Excel sequence number to a date. 1 tick is 100 nanoseconds, so you should turn it into days by dividing the result by 864000000000.


That's the sequence number for today. Now, you want the rows with date in 2 days from today, you should increment the result by 2.


And this is an expression you can use in the Filter Query and which should return only the rows with date 2 days from today. You can then send email to all the rows it returns, without any additional conditions.

Datum eq '@{add(div(sub(ticks(utcNow()),ticks(formatDateTime('1899-12-30'))),864000000000),2)}'


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Hi @tom_riha 


I tried to follow your steps. 


I composed it giving me these Outputs : 





So im getting these Numbers, but how do i use these Numbers to create an Email that gets send out 2 days before ? 

Im trying to find a Email Connector where i can time this somehow. 

Sorry if i did your suggestion wrong, im a newbie at this Flow thing 🙂 


Thanks for your quick reply anyway, I really appreciate it ! 




You should use the scheduled trigger instead of a manual trigger. Manual trigger must be always triggered manually, scheduled will run automatically on a predefined schedule.

Create a new flow with 'Scheduled trigger', schedule the flow to run once a day, list all the rows that need a reminder, and send the reminder email.

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