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Helper IV

Reminder email to approvers ... can't find answer to this one



I have create an approval for a document in a library (it gets the approvers from a column in the library), then I get the approval ID, then I create an item in a separate list, then I wait for an approval. When all approvers have approved, I send an email back to the flow initiator to say the flow is complete.


I can't work out where I put a parallel branch to have a delay, then a condition (if status = pending) send a reminder email.

I've tried it at the Wait for an approval level, but it doesn't work.


Attached are images. Your help is always appreciated 🙂


2020-10-01 16_03_16-Edit your flow _ Power Automate.png


2020-10-01 16_07_10-Edit your flow _ Power Automate.png




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @xxxxmints ,


Are you finding to this article?


Intermediate | Flow of the week: Approval reminders using parallel branches


The answer for your question where the parallel branch should be added is as below: 


[Answer] It should be added before starting the approval process since the flow will be in waiting status after getting into the approval process once. So, it should be added before starting the approval process.





Hope this helps. Thanks!

Best regards,
Jisung Han

Yes I've seen that and it doesn't help.


My steps are Create an approval then wait for an approval.

Where do I put the delay?

Hi @xxxxmints ,


Thanks for your reply. Once the process gets into the any of approval process, the flow can do anything else until coming the approval response. So, the branch should be created before getting into the approval process.


1. Branch created and the following both processes are running in parallel

Left: approval process

Right: Reminder process



2. From right side, the following actions are required and the delay will be added in the following two areas:

- Before getting into "Do Until" since the first day should be passed without reminder:



- The end of "Do Until" process for looping every day until setting the "approvalDone" variable as "true" (the "approvalDone" variable will be set as "true" in the left hand side of the parallel processes)



Please review the processes above and let me know if you have any question. Thanks!


Best regards,

Jisung Han

Hello @JisungHan 

Thank you for your response.

I don't want to do it one day after I send the approval. I'd like them to get an email until one day after the approval was due.

I have a variable called Reminder date, which is addDays(outputs('Due_Date'),1


I would like to send the reminder when Today = Reminder Date

This means (I think) that I don't need the variable approvalDone and I can't use the Delay action.




Hi @JisungHan

I've modified my Flow to suit your solution above.

Using my Due Date field, I have added a parallel branch with a Delay Until (for one day past the due date of the approval). I don't want to send emails one day after I send out the approval request. I prefer to wait until the due date.

However this now means that the Flow keeps running until it passes the due date, even when all the approvers have approved before the due date. Is there another way around this?


2020-10-09 12_23_25-Window.png





Hi @xxxxmints ,


Awesome! You made it. 😄

Only one thing that you can add is "Terminate" card in the left hand side after completing all the process successfully:



You may set the Status as "Succeeded" and complete the Power automate process.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Best regards,

Jisung Han

Hi @JisungHan 

I have almost made it - the Flow keeps running until it passes the due date, even when all the approvers have approved before the due date. Is there another way around this?


Also, I can't nest a Terminate in n Apply for Each action.


Hi @xxxxmints ,


Is it okay to add the terminate in the next action that all the required process completed from the last "Apply to each" card?


Best regards,

Jisung Han

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