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Advocate III

Remove everything after 5 digit project number from filename

This is an extension on previous topics, but I can't find anything extracting n digits from filename in a string. 

I need to strip everything off the PDF Name after the 5 digit project number, and use that information as the destination for a Move File action.


All project folder names have this structure: PROJECTNAME - 12345

PROJECTNAME has no requirements except less than ~30 characters, and no disallowed characters.

The suffix to end the folder name is SPACE HYPHEN SPACE 5DIGITS (always, this is coded*).


What I need to do in Flow is move the PDF of the drawing to its project folder.

The PDF Name is of the format PROJECTNAME - 12345-LAYOUTNAME.pdf

The PDF source location is always the same, and all files created in that location need to be moved.

The destination folder is always Y:\02 Projects\PROJECTNAME - 12345


I've initialized variables like:

RequiredLength as Integer, Initial Value 5.

InputText as String, Initial Value 'File Name' (from Dynamic Data)

CharacterList as Array, InitialValue IDONTKNOW

I did find the following from this link, but don't know how to translate the rest into Flow actions:


(InputText as text) =>
RequiredLength = 5,
Digits = {"0".."9"},
CharacterList = Text.ToList(InputText),
FirstNumber =
if Text.Length(String) = RequiredLength then String
else if List.Contains(Digits,CurrentChar) then String & CurrentChar
else ""
) ,
ReturnValue =
if Text.Length(FirstNumber) = RequiredLength then FirstNumber else null



*until we hit the millennium bug


Accepted Solutions

@james_goodhew - You may want to reference this thread as it has a similar topic to yours. There are expressions listed as well.

View solution in original post


@james_goodhew - You may want to reference this thread as it has a similar topic to yours. There are expressions listed as well.

@PowerBack19 Thank you, that is a helpful post for any newcomer (which I was until abm helped me see how to use expressions)! My question is about using an integer of n digits as a delimiter, I'll create a new post about that and mark this one as a solution.

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