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Reply with adaptive card in a channel + Submit.Action - is such combination possible?

Hello forum, 

Just wondering if it is possible to combine Teams action "Reply with adaptive card in a channel" adaptive card with Input.Choice?



For example, i have a Flow where this card with choise is posted - but doesn't seem that any dynamics values are passed over from this action, meaning it's not possible to use these answers or have any submit.actions.  Other possible workaround could be using "Post adaptive card and wait for a response" - but this one doesn't allow to use Teams MessageID , so it's not possible to make this action to be used as reply to top level message. Any thoungs on this? 

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I'm also looking to create a flow using this process. I'm not quite sure why there's no action to "reply to Teams message with adaptive card and wait for response" but there's a post one.

Looking for this too. Seems like the "reply with adaptive card" should have the same option to wait for a response as the "post adaptive card" action.

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Why would there be a way to reply with an adaptive card if you cant get data from the interaction with the adaptive card? 

Use case: Teams "Support" channel (where users post questions in the channel). Adaptive card to respond to their post, with a question around which product they need support from. Intent: get the data from the user response, update the adaptive card with the product and tag team members assigned to that product. 

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