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Request approval summery flow template help

Hey All!

Our company is attempting to construct a flow to enable the signing of our invoices by multiple people in one of 2 teams (depending on the invoice) each team can expect 50-100 invoices every week. Each invoice will need to receive approval from each person in that team before sending a summery of that file with who has approved it to the requester.

We are having trouble building a tempate just need some help from one of you

I am not a programmer and do not fully understand 365 however I can describe the type of logic this may require the trouble is knowing what building blocks to use and how to fill them out:

>> Requester selects file/folder and triggers flow (Im not sure how to trigger flows like this)????
>> Sharepoint - For selected item in "team" and "contact list"
>> Get file/Files ?????
>> Start Approval and assign everyone in "contact list"
>> Send reminder after 3 days if no responce given (non-essential but would help)
>> Upon the approval of all people
>> Send summery of approvals (with who approved what) and any comments to the requestor for that file <OR> Move file/Files if requested by all to a designated folder

From then the requestor can mark the files as approved to be paid/ move them to a new folder or whatever needs to be done.

It would greatly help if someone has any guidence for this or even a screenshot of this template constructed etc. we would be endlessly greatful. Sadly we can see the potential but cannot get the ball rolling - we have used many company hours on this now.

Thanks all,

Community Support
Community Support

Re: Request approval summery flow template help

Hi @mattmc95,


What is the trouble when you create the flow?

Please take a try to create the flow and you could be provided a workaround for your trouble.


Best regards,


New Member

Re: Request approval summery flow template help

Hello and thankyou for you reply,

We have tried a few times constructing the flow but cannot save with messages such as The provided flow '333bef06-f776-4a15-b6f9-62d6020765e4' has been deleted OR The connection '333bef06-f776-4a15-b6f9-62d6020765e4' under apl 'shared_logicflows' has been deleted.

The closest I have been able to get to acheive what we need to do is:

---- When a file is created (properties only)
-Site Address: Teamsite (Our Teamsite)

-Library Name: Documents (the document library that i am testing within)
-Folder: /Shared Documents/invoice Testing/WB34XX (The folder where new invoices will be placed)
---- Get File metadata

-Site Address: Teamsite (Our Teamsite)

-File Identifier: Identifier (dynamic

---- Start an Approval
-Approval Type: Everyone from the assigned list

-Title: Name (dynamic) Title (dynamic)

-Assigned to: Person 1 and Person 2

-Requestor: Person 3 (The accounts manager)

-Details: Markdown supported (see https........) (In by defult)

-Item Link: Add a link to the item to approve (in by defult)

-Item Link Description: Describe the link to the item (in by defult)

---- Condition

-Response: Response (dynamic) - Is equal to - Approve

---- If yes
---- Set content approval status

-Site Address: Teamsite (Our Teamsite)

-Library Name: Documents (the document library that i am testing within)

-ID: Itemid (dynamic)

-Action: Approve


-Comments: Add the comments from the approval (in by defult)

-Etag: Add an ETag (required for files and pages) (in by defult)
---- Send an Email

-Havent gotten this far
---- If No

-Havent gotten this far

I hope that this helps.

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