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Helper III
Helper III

Resource not found for the segment - Custom Entity

I've seen solutions for the error message, but none are working in my scenario. I'm trying to update a lookup of a custom entity and cannot get past the error. I've tried using singular, plural, table name, slashes, etc., but cannot get the flow to work. Any suggestions?




Accepted Solutions
Helper III
Helper III

Resolved by adding the table prefix to the entity: /e8s_modalities(GUID)

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Helper III
Helper III

Resolved by adding the table prefix to the entity: /e8s_modalities(GUID)

Helper I
Helper I

This post seems to be the most recent one on the forum on this topic so I'm trying to get an answer here:
I'm having the same issue and can't find what I'm missing. Someone here who can help?

I'm using a 'Dataverse: Add new Row' activity to create a new row in the table declarations. The table has a LookupColumn which refers to the table 'campaigns'. The table 'campaigns' is set up like this:  




This is my response: 


What am I doing wrong?

@eauerbach @ManishJain (adding you since you have replied to posts on this topic in the past)

Thanks for the help in advance!

Solved it myself.  The problem is, that the singular name of my table is the same as my plural display name. I had to add an -es to my table name to get the actual plural name: /cr39c_campaignses(GUID)


Kind regards

Advocate II
Advocate II

I had the same error but none of these solutions applied to my situation.

If you are in the same boat, consider if the problem is one of the columns within your Insert A Row and not the entity name itself.


I was copy Billing Template records over to the Billing table


The "values" that drives the looping is outputs('List_rows_for_AIS_Billing_Template')?['body/value'] -- from a List Rows from a Dataverse entity/table


What I discovered was the problem wasn't my entity at all, but one of the columns in a very long list of fields on that entity -- Owners.

The two entities are supposed to be mirror images of each other structurally, so I just copied over field by field, including Owner.


When I couldn't figure out the error I decided to just do a simple Insert Row with only the one required field -- and it worked.

So I started adding in fields 5 at a time to find the culprit, and it was Owners, which is system-created field on this custom entity.  


I also dropped Record Created On and Status Reason -- not because they were giving me any errors but because it didn't make sense to carry them forward.  Let the system default the values -- and it didn't give an error for not having them populated.


I wasted 3 hours on this thinking it was my connection, a firewall problem, plural vs. singular naming, Name vs. Entity Name...... All because of a column WITHIN the entity/update statement and not the entity itself.  


Hope this helps someone else.

Microsoft, you need to step up your game on error reporting.   








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I had this issue and found that if you look in the Table Solution Layers, select the layer than look at the properties for the Table you need to lookup. It is the collectionname that worked for me, e.g /name of Table collection/dynamic content choice, e.g. my table was called Areas, but its collection name was nameofenvironment_areas, so I just needed to put that in-between then forward slashes /nameofenvironment_areas/ followed by the dynamic content choice I needed.








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