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Retrieving the Name of the SharePoint Site for a Flow?

When copying or moving a SharePoint file within a Flow, is it possible to retrieve the name of the SharePoint site so it can be inserted in an email? 

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous,


Retrieving the Name of the SharePoint Site is not supported in microsoft flow currently.

I afraid that there is no way to achieve your needs in Microsoft Flow currently.


If you would like this feature to be added in Microsoft Flow, please submit an idea to Flow Ideas Forum:


Best regards,


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Thanks for the response and recommendation.

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There is a workaround, it is true there is no out of the box action to get the site title but you can use the sharepoint online rest api to acomplish the task. There is an action to send an HTTP request to SharePoint and you have to use your SharePoint site URL + /_api/web/title

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Here is the way to do it based on the solution in @Mjcostarella post:



The above should work if you are acting on items in a SharePoint list (such as "When an item is created"). It will automatically grab the site address without having to pick it from the drop down. It then sends the HTTP request. Once it gets the Site's title, it throws it into a variable. The notes in each block tell you what to put in their respective fields as an expression.

For the first block, the Site Address gets set to:


For the second block, the Value gets set to:


Note: "Send_an_HTTP_request_to_SharePoint" in the above is highly dependent upon the name of the first block. If you decide to rename the first block from "Send an HTTP request to SharePoint" to "Get Site Title", then you must use the following for the value in the initialization block:

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