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Advocate II
Advocate II

Run Excel Macro


is it possible to execute an Excel Macro via flow for a Excel Document stored on OneDrive/Sharepiont Online or otherwise?

I could not find any activity for that.



Power Apps
Power Apps

Unfortunately not right now, we don't support execution of excel macro. But that is an amazing suggestion i will forward it to see if we can include it in our plans. Thanks a lot for reporting this.

Add my vote in it too. Ned the ability to run the Macro within Excel.

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I would like to see this functionality as well! I hope it gets added soon.

New Member

I concur, could use this feature today!

Advocate I
Advocate I

Yes, we need to be able to run macros from a Flow. But not just Excel macros. We need to be able to run any VBA macros.


Here is a real world example of why we need this--in this case for quickly and easily building automated interfaces. Accounting passes us an Excel file containing some data that we need to import into Microsoft Project. We want to first run a Cleanup macro in Excel--and then we want to run a Project macro to import the data. A perfect opportunity for Flow to add significant value!


So much power will be unleashed, if somebody gets at it and bakes this into the Flow Service. 

I also concur with the above! 

Being able to run macros will significantly increase the use of PowerApps.


Additionally I also want to see the ability to, with the help of macros, save (e.g. tables of data) as .csv files locally.

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Also add my vote. That's an important functionality that we need

It has been two and a half years, any update???

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Please, we really need it. 

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Echo all above, this would really help with process improvement and automation

New Member

Agree with above.  Need to start modifying data mid-flow.  This will address a lot of hassle.



For those with challenges performing routine formatting macros to large quantities of flowed data, recommend creating a flow that leads data to static locations, then creating a master controller macro workbook that grabs files from those directories into an array, opens the latest workbook in those directories, applies the subformatting macro routine, then saves/closes the arrayed workbooks one by one.


You know.  Or Microsoft could simply add a cool new feature to call Macro/VBA code from OneDrive-stored Excel files.  Fairly simple to implement.  Would make a lot of us happy 🙂

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The above can be acheived and automayed by the following steps  , below is the workaround


Step 1

In the Macro Enabled Excel Sheet Add another Macro to Save the File as 

ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= _
"filename" _
, FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbook, CreateBackup:=True


This will save the file as a Non Macro Excel File on a Sharepoint or Onedrive Site


Step 2


Use a Power Shell Query to update the Macro enable Excel file and save on 


Step 3


Use task scheduler to repeate the above process as per your required interval (Hourly/daily/Monthly etc)



Once the 3 steps are completed the your workbook is completely automated and can be connected to flow as any other excel file.



Advocate II
Advocate II

Definately needs this.  so this also means also that all flow actions that involve spreadsheets (adding a row to an existing table, etc., etc.,) need to support writing to macro enabled spreadsheets (*.xlsm) at the moment you can only write data from Flow to *.xls sheets.


This is extremely inconvienient and means for example in a process I wanted to automate e2e using Forms Flow Excel VBA and PowerPoint and Power BI  [ Forms data --> automatically generated pptx slide & Power BI report that links to the slide ], I have to get a human to open a macro enabled spreadsheet and run macro 1 which sucks data out of a .xls spreadsheet and then macro 2 which makes the powerpoint slides. Urgghhh.


Please please consider prioritising this capability,

Regular Visitor

This would be very helpful.

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Together with the possibility to update an XLSM file (e.g. add row) the possibility to run an Excel Macro has been requested for over 2 years... That's either saying something about the speed improvements are made or saying it's not going to happen.


Instead of focusing on inventing new names such as "Power Automate" to feed the "Power Platform" marketing bubble - address some more resources to development of the product itself so important features can get developed.


My 2 cents...

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Yes please!

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This is a definite floor in the system and is very much still needed!

Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Since 2016 we are early waiting for this feature to add in Microsoft Automate.

Microsoft Team please prioritize this.

Advocate I
Advocate I

This is Very Very Important for Excel user Automation Process - Microsoft should build some program/Flow allows to Run Macro either without Opening a Macro(.xlsm) enabled file OR should open Macro Enabled File on Adjustable scheduled time at Corporate SharePorint which allows to run File Open Macros and then Close that File based on Macro activation.

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