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Helper II
Helper II

[Scheduled Flow] Send reminder email 14 days after date field

Hi all! 🙂

I currently have a flow that will, once per day, send an automatic email if the work item is older than 14 days, status of "Pending" and no previous follow up email has been sent.

The issue I am facing is that it seems to work 95% of the time, however missing the occasional item. I think it might come down to myself editing that particular work item, therefor changing it's date maybe? I'm not quite sure, as the modified field is not included in my flow or calculated column at all.


Notable Sharepoint List fields:

- Date (Date field)

- Status (Choice field)

- Officer (Person field)

- Follow Up Sent (Yes/No field)

- ReminderEmail14days (Calculated column, 14 days after Date field)


This is my current flow - 



First step - "Recurrence":

- This is fairly generic and has it's interval at 1 and frequency as "Day".


Second step - "Get items":

- Again, a standard fill with my site address and list name.

- I do have a Filter Query that states:

Follow_x0020_Up_x0020_Sent eq 'No' and Status eq 'Pending'


Third step - "Initialize variable":

- Name "TaskDate"

- Type "String"




Forth step - "For each":

- Select An Output From Previous Steps 



Fifth step - "Set variable":

- Name "TaskDate"

- Value:



Sixth step - "Condition":


Condition Expression (AND):

First - 


is less or equal to

Second -

formatDateTime(utcNow(), 'yyyy-MM-dd')


Seventh step - "True (Send an email (V2))":

- Standard fields completed

- To field has Officer.Email


Eighth step - "Update item":

- Site Address and List Name is standard and the same as second step

- Id "ID"

- Follow Up Sent "Yes"


So from this, I don't see why there could be any way that some get missed... Unless it is because of my calculated column for the 14 days after date...

Any information or assistance would be greatly appreciated! 😊 If you can see a discrepancy and could make it better with less steps, I am all ears!


Thank you everyone!

Super User
Super User

@clock0928 Instead of using a Apply to Each action to loop through each item returned from your SharePoint list then run a check on each item—it's much more efficient to filter out your items first then loop through them. 


Switch to the Classic Designer to follow along:



Also, please create a brand new flow. I'm using a Manual trigger for now. 

Convert Time Zone

Whenever you are using dates and times in your flow—it's best practice to use a Convert Time Zone action. In the base time field, insert the utcNow() expression. 


Source Time Zone: Coordinated Universal Time

Destination Time Zone: Local Time Zone

Format String: Round Trip


Tip: The drop downs are searchable!



Compose a Dynamic Date

Add a Compose action to hold an expression. We'll use this Compose action to compose the dynamic date which is 14 days prior to today. Remember to rename your actions to keep things organized!


Add an expression and use the addDays() function. Takes three parameters—the last one is optional. 




Click on the Dynamic content tab and insert the Converted Time dynamic content.


Add a comma and insert a number. Insert a positive number to add days and a negative one to subtract. Important: You cannot use a Filter Query on a calculated column. So we'll need to calculate what the date is 14 days go from when your flow runs). 


Enter -14. We'll use this output to match it against the Date column in your SP List.


Let's format the date. Go to the start of the expression by pressing the Up arrow key and enter formatDateTime and an opening parenthesis. 



Go to the end of the expression by pressing the Down arrow key and enter a comma, date format between single quotes an a closing parenthesis. I'll be using this date format:




Run a test. Verify that the output of the Compose action is returning a date that was 14 days ago. Ensure you have some items in your SP list with a Date appearing in the Compose action. 





Get Items

Add a Get Items action and select your Site and List.



In the Filter Query field, insert a Filter Query. Watch this YT Short for more details on how to Compose a Filter Query. 

You will need to use the internal column name of your Date, Status and Follow Up column. If you aren’t sure how to get this, please refer to this section of one of my YT tutorials. It's important to note—the internal column name may not always match the actual column name.


Your Filter Query will look different than mine. Replace the blue text with the appropriate internal column name. 


Status eq 'Pending' and Date eq '[Dynamic Date Compose Action]' and Yes%5Fx002f%5FNo ne 1




Depending on how many items you have in your SP List, I would recommend limiting the Top Count to a smaller number than the total number of items in your list. This will increase the speed of your flow runs. Instead of returning all items in your list—it'll limit the Get Items action to the number entered into the Top Count field.


Return Count

Whenever I use a Filter Query in a Get Items action, I always like to return the count of items returned in a Compose action. This is helpful when building a flow and can also be used to troubleshoot your flow.


Insert a Compose action. Add an Expression. Use the length() function.


Select the Dynamic content tab and insert the value dynamic content from the Get Items action into the length() function.




Run a test.



Condition Check

Add a Condition action to your flow. You'll use this condition to check if there are any items returned (stored in the Compose action) If not, do nothing—if so, the rest of your actions can go into the Yes branch.



Loop through Items

Add an Apply to Each action in the Yes branch. Insert the value dynamic content from the Get Item action.


You can nest all the other actions you want to run in the Apply to Each action.


Hope this helps!

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Helper II
Helper II

Thank you for this @creativeopinion !

I seem to be receiving an error when putting in the below - 


Saying "The expression is invalid."

Would there be a reason why?

@clock0928 You need to compose the expression as I've outlined above. Please refer to the instructions listed under the Compose a Dynamic Date header. In my instructions I only used the first two parameters. The third one is optional. 


I also go through how to do this in this section of the YT tutorial. Please note, in the tutorial I'm using a Compose action to store the number of days to add/remove. You can do the same or manually enter the number into the expression. 

Helper II
Helper II

@creativeopinion sorry, I am just having trouble locating where I am in your steps.

You say I need to compose the expression as you have, however I am unsure where you are at in your steps.


This is what my steps look like currently and I am up to the "Return Count" step - 



@clock0928 Looks correct so far. Have you run a test? You are currently in the Return a Count section of the instructions. At the end of this section, you should run a test. If you are new to Power Automate it's always best to test often so you are able to better understand what is going on in your flow. It makes it a lot easier to troubleshoot rather than trying to build your entire flow first and troubleshoot the issues after the flow is complete.




For more flow troubleshooting tips—check out this YT Tutorial: 5 Power Automate Troubleshooting FAQs and Helpful Tips for Creating Better Flows

In this tutorial I cover:

 How to troubleshoot a false Condition action result

 How to get dynamic content when it isn’t selectable from the list of dynamic content

 How to troubleshoot an Apply to Each action that isn’t looping through

 How to troubleshoot a skipped Apply to Each action

 How to troubleshoot a Filter Query

 How to use a SharePoint yes/no column in a Filter Query

 How to use Compose actions to troubleshoot a Power Automate flow

How to troubleshoot multiple emails being sent

 How to troubleshoot multiple Teams messages being sent

Helper II
Helper II

@creativeopinion have ran a test now, however receiving an error with the "Filter Query" of my Get items.

I don't get an error when I have my previous filter query text - 

Follow_x0020_Up_x0020_Sent eq 'No' and Status eq 'Pending'

@clock0928 I should have been more clear in the Filter Query. The Yes/No field returns a value of 1 for yes. So the argument should be ne 1—as illustrated in my example below.

Status eq 'Pending' and Date eq '[Dynamic Date Compose Action]' and Yes%5Fx002f%5FNo ne 1


Helper II
Helper II

Ah I see, thank you.

Is there a reason why you have it as "Yes%5Fx002f%5FNo"?

I tried changing it to the following - 

Status eq 'Pending' and Date eq @{outputs('Compose_-_Dynamic_Date')} and Follow_x0020_Up_x0020_Sent ne 1


However, still receiving the error 

@clock0928 As mentioned, you need to use the internal column name. My column name is YesNo. To clarify my original column name was Yes/No (which is what I originally copy/pasted into my expression) however I did change my column name to YesNo (no forward slash).


It doesn't matter what my column name is. You need to use your internal column name for the columns you are filtering on. If you aren’t sure how to get this, please refer to this section of one of my YT tutorials.



What is the error you are receiving? 

Helper II
Helper II

Thank you, and yeah I am definitely using my internal column names.

The error details I receive are:

"The expression "Status eq 'Pending' and Follow_x0020_Up_x0020_Sent eq 'No' and Date eq 2024-01-05" is not valid. Creating query failed.
clientRequestId: 63c8ce0d-071c-4f18-81fb-6c003f71e769
serviceRequestId: 63c8ce0d-071c-4f18-81fb-6c003f71e769"

@clock0928 Your expression is still incorrect. You are using No where you should be using a 1 (no single quotes either). The operator must be ne ... not eq.


Please refer to my original expression in the prev post.



@creativeopinion my expression is not incorrect, I have tested against my data with your expression and it is not providing me with an accurate item count. My data with appropriate filters on, return a count of 16 (through Sharepoint list)
Then for example, I have entered:

Status eq 'Pending' and Follow_x0020_Up_x0020_Sent ne 1

and returned a count of 20.

With the way that I have it previously:

Status eq 'Pending' and Follow_x0020_Up_x0020_Sent eq 'No'

It returns a true count of 16.

The issue that you are overlooking is that your section that filters the "Date" field is returning the above error.
I have followed your steps to the tee, and I appreciate the assistance you are providing, however the blame is not on me here...
I'm going to keep researching today to see what I can find. If you do have time to assist, that would be greatly appreciated, however all good if not.

Super User
Super User

@clock0928 Sorry if my words came across as blank. that was not my intention at all—I was trying to assist you in resolving your issue.


I assumed that your Follow Up Sent column was a Yes/No column. Can you clarify what column type you are using for your Follow Up Sent column?


If you are using a Single Choice column than checking for a string of text 'No' is correct. However, if you are using a Yes/No column type (as I am in my SharePoint List) then checking for the number 1 (as I have in my Filter query ) is correct.


In regards to the error you are receiving regarding the Date column. It's because you are missing the single quote marks around your date.



The Filter Query should output like this:

Status eq 'Pending' and Follow_x0020_Up_x0020_Sent eq 'No' and Date eq '2024-01-05'


Hope this helps!

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Join Microsoft product leaders and engineers for an in-depth look at the latest news and AI capabilities in Power Platform and Dynamics 365, featuring the likes of Charles Lamanna, Sangya Singh, Julie Strauss, Donald Kossmann, Lori Lamkin, Georg Glantschnig, Mala Anand, Jeff Comstock, and Mike Morton.   If you'd like to learn about the latest advances in AI and how #MicrosoftCopilot can help you streamline your processes, click the image below to register today!     Power Apps LIVE Copilot Coffee Chat - 9.30am 3rd April 2024 Be sure to check out our exclusive LIVE community event, "Power Apps Copilot Coffee Chat with Copilot Studio Product Team", which kicks off next week.   This is a unique opportunity to connect and converse with members of the Copilot Studio product team to learn more about their plans and insights into upcoming features. Click the image below to learn how to gain access!     Get Started with AI Prompts - Friday 29th March 2024 Join April Dunnam, Gomolemo Mohapi, and the team as they launch a new multi-week video series on our YouTube channelto show how you can power up your AI experience with Power Automate.   Here you'll discover how to create custom AI Prompts to use in your Power Platform solutions, with the premier available to view at 9am on Friday 29th March 2024. Click the image below to get notified when the video goes live!     UPCOMING EVENTS North American Collab Summit - Texas - 9-11th April 2024 It's not long now until the #NACollabSummit, which takes place at the Irving Convention Center in Texas on April 11-13th 2024. This amazing event will see business leaders, IT pros, developers, and end users, come together to learn how the latest Microsoft technologies can power teamwork, engagement, communication, and organizational effectiveness.   This is a great opportunity to learn from some amazing speakers and shining lights across #WomenInTech, with guests including the likes of Liz Sundet, Cathy Dew, Rebecka Isaksson, Isabelle Van Campenhoudt, Theresa Lubelski, Shari L. Oswald, Emily Mancini,Katerina Chernevskaya, Sharon Weaver, Sandy Ussia, Geetha Sivasailam, and many more.   Click the image below to find out more about this great event!   Dynamic Minds Conference - Slovenia - 27-29th May 2024 The DynamicsMinds Conference is almost upon us, taking place on 27-29th May at the Grand Hotel Bernardin in Slovenia. With over 150 sessions and 170 speakers, there's sure to be something for everyone across this awesome three-day event. There's an amazing array of speakers, including Dona Sarkar, Georg Glantschnig, Elena Baeva, Chris Huntingford, Lisa Crosbie, Ilya Fainberg, Keith Whatling, Malin Martnes, Mark Smith, Rachel Profitt, Renato Fajdiga, Shannon Mullins, Steve Mordue, Tricia Sinclair, Tommy Skaue, Victor Dantas, Sara Lagerquist, and many more.   Click the image below to meet more of the #MicrosoftCommunity in Slovenia to learn, mingle, and share your amazing ideas!     European Power Platform Conference - Belgium - 11-13th June It's time to make a note in your diary for the third European Power Platform Conference, which takes place at the SQUARE-BRUSSELS CONVENTION CENTRE on 11-13th June in Belgium.   This event brings together the Microsoft Community from across the world for three invaluable days of in-person learning, connection, and inspiration. There's a wide array of expert speakers across #MPPC24, including the likes of Aaron Rendell, Amira Beldjilali, Andrew Bibby, Angeliki Patsiavou, Ben den Blanken, Cathrine Bruvold, Charles Sexton, Chloé Moreau, Chris Huntingford, Claire Edgson, Damien Bird, Emma-Claire Shaw, Gilles Pommier, Guro Faller, Henry Jammes, Hugo Bernier, Ilya Fainberg, Karen Maes, Laura Graham-Brown, Lilian Stenholt Thomsen, Lindsay Shelton, Lisa Crosbie, Mats Necker, Negar Shahbaz, Nick Doelman, Paulien Buskens, Sara Lagerquist, Tricia Sinclair, Ulrikke Akerbæk, and many more.   Click the image below to find out more and register for what is sure to be a jam-packed event in beautiful Brussels!     For more events, click the image below to visit the Community Days website.   LATEST COMMUNITY BLOG ARTICLES Power Apps Community Blog Power Automate Community Blog Copilot Studio Community Blog Power Pages Community Blog Check out 'Using the Community' for more helpful tips and information: Power Apps, Power Automate, Copilot Studio, Power Pages

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