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Send Adaptive card to multiple teams users at once and collect their responses

Hi All,

I have created a flow to send adaptive cards to multiple user and wait for the response and the flow is sending cards but problem is adaptive cards are showing up sequentially. Once the first user provides their response, the Flow will continue by sending the same card to the second user, then it will wait for that user to respond, and so on.
However if I change the concurrency control I'll have maximum 50 parallel branches. But what should be the approach if I need to get response from more than 50 users???


Any assistance would be great.

Super User
Super User

Hi @Abhinav1,


Interesting challenge 😀 Out of interest, for what type of use case would you need input from more than 50 users?

Hello @Expiscornovus ,

I am new to Power automate so was trying few things.

I have a flow which will run on daily basis to send the Adaptive cards to multiple teams users based on some conditions. Then I need to collect their response and Update records in Microsoft Dataverse. If I use "Post an Adaptive card to a user and wait for response" inside "Apply to each" loop, It waits for the response from first user and then goes to the next user.

I want to send the cards to all the users at once and collect their response. So I'm thinking of using parallel branches but my only concern is sometimes the number of users may be more than 50.


Is there any alternate solution to achieve this?

Any help would be appreciated



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You probably got it by now but in case someone is trying to find a solution to that, the concept is explained here:


Basically you gather an array of users (a group, a sharepoint list...) in a parent flow and make it trigger a chil flow on loop so everything runs at the same time.



 in this picture i made it run 3 times,



Hi, can you show how your flow turned out?


I'm trying to make a flow like this with a sharepoint list and I'm not getting it.

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Hello and sorry for the late response,


My screenshots will be in Spanish,


The "trigger child flow" connector is not available unless you are creating your process inside a solution:



Inside your Solution you will want to create both the parent and the child flows, some items are going to be automatically created, don't worry about that





Then you'll have to go back and forth as, to call the child flow, it has to be created first, the best would be to create the parent untill you get to the point where you want to call the child, then create the child flow, 



Here I get the user list from a sharepoint list then trigger the child flow so everyone gets notified at the same time,

You can pass some parameters to the child flow,


in the child: trigger it manually, the parent will trigger it,





You want to use the "respond to parent flow" connector so the process continues, after not so much research, i've noticed you don't really need to respond something that makes sense, as you can see in my example I send a "Correct!" to the parent.

This step allows the parent to go on to the next iteration, so you need it after the trigger,


After it you can continue with the child flow so it does what you need,





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