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Send Email 30 minutes before a time (USING SHAREPOINT LIST ITEM - DATE/TIME)

Hi all,


I have someone who wants the following flow.  They input an interview date/time (using a date/time field in SharePoint - NOT Outlook).  The flow would ideally run every 5 minutes to check to see if it was the date of the interview, and 30 minutes before the scheduled interview time, send an email.


Ex.  If an interview is 6/28 at 10:00am, the flow is continually checking and then sends an email 9:30am.  Does this make sense?  How can I best accomplish this?  I have a recurrence, Get items with a odata filter for "InterviewDate" field eq

formatDateTime(utcNow(), 'yyyy-MM-dd').


I'm just not really sure how to pull out the "time" part of this.  The date seems easy enough but I don't know how to adjust my expression to account for time.


Any help is appreciated!

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hello @tdwils1 ,

you should be able to use the following expression: 


addHours('<timestamp>', <hours>, '<format>'?)


You can refer to the following article:


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@MarconettiMarcoI have another question.  How can I combine different expressions?  I imagine i need to have today's date minus x amount of minutes, i need it to also format to be the same as what's in sharepoint (mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm tt), but on top of that it's displaying in UTC...


how can do all of this and convert the time to my timezone?  Currently, it's returning a time around 4pm and it's 10am here.

Hello @tdwils1 ,

please use the following expression in a "Compose" action:


formatDateTime(addHours(<your start date column>,-30),'M/dd/yyyy hh:mm tt')


then use the following action:


in the Base Time insert the Compose outputs , in the Source Time zone put UTC, in the destination time zone your time zone, and in the Format string the format you want.


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