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Send Email Digest of all open Planner Tasks to individual team member



I have been struggling to create a flow that will send a recurring (weekly) email, with a digest summary of all tasks less than 100% complete. There is a template already that will send your own, but most of my team do not have the background to create their own flow, so I wanted to create a flow that would just do it for them on my behalf. I've tried everyway that I can think of, and each different way I get a different type and quantity for failures. 


So flow would be basically once a week, pull all tasks less than 100% complete (so open) and send a digest email to every user that has an open task with their specific tasks. Individual email, to individual user, with their specifically individual tasks in digest format? 


Can this be done?


Thank you in advance, from a person who is probably way above their head in trying to understand flows, but silly enough to try and do it anyway.






Hi! Thank you so much for sharing your build. 


I followed the build and it is up and running. However I got a problem with implementing the filter array to sort out all the Completed tasks so they don't show. 


The filter array I am using is taking value from List Tasks 

value PercentComplete is less than int(100) 


Whenever I try to add this anywhere Flow automatically inserts an Apply to each statement. Where can I add in the filterarray without that popping up? 


Also-- Is it possible to do a filtered array of only tasks that have a start date within the next 2 weeks as well as the tasks due in the next 2 weeks? 


Thank you so much. 

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Hi @ChristianAbata , @BillPope , @efialttes , @David_Mullenix ,

I found this thread while researching for the same thing. I have done my best to reproduce the flow but I too am getting an error when it gets to the Set Variable action in the Apply to each task loop. I am getting the error "The variable 'TeamArray' of type 'Array' cannot be initialized or updated with value of type 'String'. The variable 'TeamArray' only supports values of types 'Array'."


I would appreciate any insight you all have.

First half of flowFirst half of flow


Second half of flowSecond half of flow





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I'm new to this and I have the same need you describe above.  Where you able to automate the summary email for each member of you team?


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