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Send Email to "Call From" on Phone Entity



How do I pull the email address for the contact entered as the "Call From" on the Phone Call entity?

"Call From" isn't accessible from the Dynamics 365 trigger or the CDS trigger. 




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous,


You can use the compose action to test the triggerBody()?['CallFrom'] whether will work.Annotation 2019-10-15 145637.png

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Lin Tu
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Thanks for the suggestion, v-litu-msft! That got me moving in the right direction.


Any suggestion on how to use that to find the email address in contacts?

The Find Call From action succeeds but the next action, Get record 2, fails.


Call From Contact.JPG



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I kept playing around and finally something to just worked on the Get Record 2 action.

I tried using contactid again:  body('Find_Call_From')?['value'][0]['contactid']

This time the function appeared "correctly" instead of written out completely
Get Record 2 correct.JPG
BUT, the send email action failed.  No email address found?
{"ErrorMessage":"System.Exception: SendEmailsForFlowRequestHandler::Transform:: distribution list count can't be empty\r\n at Microsoft.Forms.Pro.ApiFacade.Requests.FlowSendMessageRequest.Transform(TelemetryLogger telemetryLogger, HttpRequestContext requestContext)\r\n at Microsoft.Forms.Pro.ApiFacade.RequestHandlers.SendEmailsForFlowRequestHandler.<ParseRequestData>d__11.MoveNext()\r\n--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---\r\n at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw()\r\n at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task)\r\n at Microsoft.Forms.Pro.ApiFacade.RequestHandlers.SendEmailsForFlowRequestHandler.<DoValidate>d__10.MoveNext()"}

Hi @Anonymous,


Could you share an example of the trigger's output?

We should make sure the column name in the system is Call From or CallFrom, or the expression will not work.

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Lin Tu
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So, below is the trigger output for my test. The Call From field isn't part of the results. Its name is 'from' actually and it's a party list field. It is in the Dynamics table but is not available from the list in Flow's Dynamic Content.


I changed the compose field to use 'from' to see what would happen and got the same error message (System.Exception: SendEmailsForFlowRequestHandler. . .). The email address isn't getting pulled from Contacts. 


This is the send survey action:

Send Survey 101619.JPG

OUTPUTS (trigger)

1st Call/Email Resolution? 563310000
1st Call/Email Resolution? Label Yes
Activity Status 1
Activity Status Label Completed
Actual End 2019-10-16
Created By 02b62fac-ee29-e711-8110-c4346bad9668
Created By Type systemusers
Created On 2019-10-16T13:51:17Z
Direction false
Duration 30
Is Billed false
Is Workflow Created false
Left Voice Mail false
Modified By 02b62fac-ee29-e711-8110-c4346bad9668
Modified By Type systemusers
Modified On 2019-10-16T13:51:17Z
Owner 02b62fac-ee29-e711-8110-c4346bad9668
Owner Type systemusers
Phone Call d0d3ef05-1cf0-e911-a98d-000d3a1993e0
Phone Number ###-###-2311
Priority 1
Priority Label Normal
Process 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Regarding c460dabf-79ef-e911-a984-000d3a199997
Regarding Type kipu_accountteammemberses
Status Reason 4
Status Reason Label Received
Subject Test Survey Send
Time Zone Rule Version Number 0
Topic - Incoming 563310052

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I added a field to the phone call entity and used a workflow to populate it with the call from value.  That field is returned in the trigger output and the compose field finds it (action doesn't fail). The get record step is still returning the entire contact entity and  the send survey action still fails. 

Hi @Anonymous,


Is Phone call the "Call from" you want?Annotation 2019-10-17 174529.png

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Lin Tu
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Not applicable

Yes, I want to get the email of the contact shown as the Call From on the phone call record.

Hi @Anonymous,


You can provide me the original format of the trigger output, I notice that the column name of call from is not CallForm, it seems like

1st Call/Email Resolution? 563310000
1st Call/Email Resolution? Label Yes

So, I guess you want to get the 563310000. If you give the output of it, it will be easier.

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Lin Tu
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

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This is taking up too much of our time. I'm going to table it. Maybe in the future there will be a way to pull the email address for the contact in a phone call record's "call from" field.   


Thanks for your time, v-litu-msft.





Hi @Anonymous .

I hope your problem has been solved. I had the same issue.

In my case, I want to send a survey when statuscode equal to "Complete", the only thing I added was another conditioner specifying the type of activity adding this it works and send the survey. I hope it works for you.


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Thanks, Fabiola. I'll take a look when I get a chance.


Could you please help me how did you achieve this. I am also trying to send survey to Phone call activity FROM field contact. However, I am finding it difficult to retrieve from field in flows. Could you please help by sharing the steps which you have followed.

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Hi @Divyamahajan,

Take a look at what FabiolaGRT posted.  It looks like it successfully picks up the email address.


I haven't had a chance to try it out yet.  

Hi @Anonymous ,


I tried it but unfortunately it didn't work for me. Could you please share if there is any other way of achieving this.

Hello @Divyamahajan 


Could you please attach the error message?



What I did was the following:

1.- Select the "send survey when a case is resolved" template to edit to phonecall.

2.- Select phonecall entity

3.-Select "Statecode" equal [1] (this is because "complete" has a value of 1)


4.- On positive condition select entity "Contact" and then field "Regarding to"



5.-Put emailadress, select your froms pro survey.

On "Regarding" type "phonecall" "," and then select phonecall

On "Recipient details" type "contact" "," and then select contact

On Firstname and lastname select field from contact. (Only if you put this variables on your survey)


And that's all!

Let me know if it works for you.



Hi @FabiolaGRT,


I didn't understand how regarding field of phone call will identify contact.

There might be scenarios where phone call is completed without having regarding id send then how will we identify contacts for those phone calls.


I am getting below error while retrieving contact with regarding id of phone call.

Error Details -"The 'inputs.parameters' of workflow operation 'Get_a_record' of type 'OpenApiConnection' is not valid. Error details: The resolved string values for the following parameters are invalid, they may not be null or empty: 'recordId'"

New Member

The expression


returns me null value.

Also in the body I cannot find this attribute in JSON output.


I have used the action on phone call modified and in result I want to have callfrom/callto.

How can I retrive these value?

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