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Send Email with Options within Apply to Each

I'm pulling email addresses from multiple rows in an Excel spreadsheet, then pulling data from the same file and sending it in an email with Approve/Deny buttons as choices in an Email with Options (modern approvals do not work in this instance, as the recipients may not have O365 accounts with which to respond appropriately.)


When running the flow, it sends the first email out, but then hangs until the recipient responds, after which the loop will move to the second row. How can I have it continue to just send Emails with Options to all addresses in the Excel rows, and the handle the responses separately? Capture.PNG






Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ trayburn,



Do you want to get the email addresses from each row of an Excel spreadsheet and send an email with options to those email addresses?

What do you mean to handle the responses separately that you mentioned?

Do you mean the "send Emails with Options" would run parallel and wouldn't wait for the previous response is submited?


If you want the "send Emails with Options" would run parallel and wouldn't wait for the previous response is submited? 

I'm afraid that there is no way to achieve your needs in Microsoft Flow currently.


You could take a try to add many parallel branches in your flow to send Emails with Options, however,you wouldn't know how many parallel branches you should add unless you know how many email addresses you could get from the Excel spreadsheet.



Alice Zhang

Thanks for the reply, Alice! I appreciate it. Maybe you can make a suggestion.


I have a need to email individuals from a list, and have them approve information from the spreadsheet that relates to the row that their email address is pulled from. Is there anything that Flow had that would accommodate something like this?

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Hi there!


A while ago I also ran into this problem, however, it seems Microsoft has solved this already 😀.
One of my students pointed me to the 'settings' of the 'Apply to each' control, which can be accessed through the ( . . . ) icon on the top right part of the control. In the settings you will find the feature 'Concurrency control', which is set to 'off' (serial) by default and can be changed to 'on' (parallel) to get the desired effect.


Best of luck and best regards,


That works! Never paid attention to that option until I saw this comment.

very helpful tricks!!!!!

I have many flows which takes quite some time before when it loops one by one. Now they just finished less than a minute!!!

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