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Send Email with Options

Hi All,


I know sending an email with options cannot natively have Comments and I cannot use the Approvals as my tenants and customers or external. I do not want to manually invite 1000 users. I need comments for approval and rejection. Don't know why MS has made it such a pain to use approvals. I have had a thought: would it be possible to add an HTML text box with HTML button to the email body and when the approver enters a comment and clicks submit, it will convert the text into JSON. Once the JSON is captured, we can retrieve this into a variable and then add that variable to the email to the user.



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Hi @coatse 


You can design a Microsoft Form to capture inputs. You can develop a flow with Form Trigger and save data to SharePoint List if you wish to and then send Form link as part of your email body.


Please see the following steps for external users...

  • The recipient of the link has to have an Office account
  • You need to share the link you get when clicking the green SHARE button at the top right of the page - use the Copy button to copy the link to your clipboard, then paste it into an email to send to the people you want to give access to.
  • You need to be sure to select "Anyone with the link can respond" as previously mentioned







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Thanks for your reply, I have already got the form working and this go into a sharepoint list. Once the sharepoint is updated it gets the detials and put it into a send email with options action. This then go to the approver 1 & approver 2. What I need is for the approver to be able to send a comment when they reject the request.

Ok. When you send the Approval card, it has a comments box for the approver to respond. Please refer below...

This box also appears within outlook. 



These are optional comments and at the moment, we do not have the option to convert the field to required.  However, if this is a concern, you could check if the status is rejected and comments are empty within your flow, and reassign the card back to the approver until such time that the approver enters comments.


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I am not using the Approval action because of having to invite everyone as a guest. I am using the send email with options action.

->>not using the Approval action because of having to invite everyone as a guest.


and for others like me, we need the email to come from an internal account,

not the generic "external" Microsoft account..

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I too am looking for a solution to add comment box when an approval sent via 'send email with options' is issued - any suggestions please? I'll need to send an email back to the respondent of the form, with the details of why it's rejected, then need to work out how to re-submit the form with changes....? It's part of a 3 stage approval flow using external clients, to Teams Approvals isn't suitable to use. 

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