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Helper II

Send an HTTP Request to SharePoint: Body formatting

I'm trying to recreate a Designer 2010 workflow in Power Automate, since they are being deprecated.  I need to send an email to multiple SP groups upon file upload to a specific directory in a library.  I don't want to do all of that Initialize Variables and Parsing JSON nonsense.  It should - IT NEEDS - to be easier than that, imho.  So, I have all of that figured out by using the Send an HTTP Request to SharePoint step in Power Automate.  But I am not familiar with the JSON syntax needed to format the body as HTML or Rich Text style markup.  Is there a reference for this?  Bold, bold red, hyperlinks, etc.  Thanks in advance-

Super User
Super User

JSON Syntax can be plain text. Which API are you calling? If you are querying the site group you can find details in the below thread...


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The Uri is /_api/SP.Utilities.Utility.SendEmail


The link you included doesn't appear to have syntax reference, only Initialize Variables and Parse JSON things.  When you say 'plain text', are you saying that I cannot format the text in the Body of an email composed in the Send an HTTP Request to SharePoint action step?  I see paragraph tags <p> </p> in the sample I followed online.  I'd like to markup using HTML, but I keep getting an error like this one:


Not well formatted JSON stream.
clientRequestId: cd2a187f-f558-4ac2-883e-cefbfa4eab79
serviceRequestId: b20caf9f-a00f-b000-a6fe-ba70c8dece45

Ok, Understood. Can you please refer below? You can put your body HTML in the body tag within single quotes...


'properties': {
'To': ['',''],
'Body': '<b>Yo</b><br/>O boy!',
'Subject': 'E-mail using Flow via SharePoint'





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Power Automate Community

I did that and it throws the error.  Maybe my HTML is of the wrong version?  Here's my code:


'properties': {
'__metadata': {
'type': 'SP.Utilities.EmailProperties'

'To': {
'results': ['SP_Group_DEV', 'SP Group_DEV2']
'Body': '

color:black'>The most recent list of special requests in which your
distributors have made Out-of-APR sales considered In-APR is now available on
the NA Channel Management SharePoint site.&nbsp; The Territory Sales Manager
needs to validate the request and edit the appropriate columns in the file.</span></p>

color:black'>For every request that affects your distributor you need to either
&quot;Approve&quot; or &quot;Reject&quot; each transaction in Column A of the
spreadsheet.&nbsp; Remember to add your name to Column B and the date in Column
C as well.</span></b></p>

color:red'>Please validate these in a timely manner, if you don't the
transaction will not be processed in SAP and could have an unintended result on
your distributor's CPM report.&nbsp; </span></b><span style='font-size:10.0pt;
line-height:115%;font-family:"Arial",sans-serif;color:black'>Once validated the
Territory Sales Manager should click "Save" in the top left.&nbsp; </span></p>

color:black'>If this list does not include any distributor requests for the
distributors you are responsible for, please disregard.</span></p>


style='font-size:10.0pt;font-family:"Arial",sans-serif;color:blue'>click here</span></a><span
see the list of requests.</span></p>





'Subject': 'Test email from MS Flow'
} }

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