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Helper III
Helper III

Send email to multiple emails per item workaround


I am looking for a solution to send an email to multiple recipients from a "Person or Group" type column set to "Allow Multiple Selections" to yes. I found this blog but she used "Get Item" action while I need to use "Get Items" so my flow is not working.


"Output" is not showing from the dynamic content - see red arrow. Thank you in advance.







Helper III
Helper III

Hi @normmsnpoweruse 

I have the same scenario. I have 2 fields To & CC with multiple selections. In my flow I created a string variable and used Append function to append all emails. Make sure in append you put ; in value.  Try this out.

Get all EmailsGet all Emails


Send EmailSend Email

Thank you for your reply. I get this error in the send email action


"The 'inputs.parameters' of workflow operation 'Send_an_email_(V2)' of type 'OpenApiConnection' is not valid. Error details: Input parameter 'emailMessage/To' is required to be of type 'String/email'. "


My variable is already a string..



I would suggest you to check the values after running. I have received this error in past and after checking my variables value I figured out that the values were wrong. Make sure the values are correct while appending.

Send EmailSend Email



Append VariableAppend Variable

It is working now but the flow is sending one email for two items to all site owners. For example, item one has two site owners, item two has one site owner. My flow would send one email to all 3 site owners 😞





Moving the Send Email inside Apply to Each 3 will send two separate emails now, the first email is correct for two recipients but the second email is combining all the email addresses for item 1 and 2 😞



Dear @normmsnpoweruse 

The Send an email (V2) should be inside Apply to each 3. However you need to reset the string variable before appending for next item. Just reset your string variable. Kindly see the attach images and try.

Reset VariableReset Variable





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