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Send email when MS List column is updated



I`m trying to create a flow that will trigger an email to a client when one of the columns in MS List is updated. 


I created this flow:


is working when I update the specific column, however, if I also want to update other information in the different column for the same items I'm getting email too. not sure what I`m doing wrong. 


Thank you!

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Solution Sage

I have no idea if this is the issue, but in the past whenever I used "When an item is created or modified" trigger, and then tried to "Get changes for an item or a file (properties only)", it would always raise an error (I just created a test and I still get an error.  In your Get changes for an item or a file (properties only) action, what are you putting in your "since" field? That is what flags the error for me. 


The only way I could get this to work properly was to use "Whan an item or a file is modified" trigger (no create). Odd that you aren't getting an error, but maybe try a test flow and change your trigger, and see if that works. 



Thank you for your reply. In the since field, I have "modified" when this item was last changed.

I changed the trigger to "Whan an item or a file is modified" but still I have the same issue. it works when I change my first column called 1st reminder that I added to the condition, however when I update column 2 for the same item called the second reminder I get the same email. 


I found a solution 🙂 so I´m sharing just in case you need it one day. In the since field, I use this expression:


now the flow is looking if any change was made in the item. 
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Solution Sage

When using "Get changes for an item or a file", there are two tokens from the trigger you can use to make this a lot easier for you. They are: Trigger Window Start Token and Trigger Window End Token.  



So you can then use these in your Since/Until properties when you are looking for a change to a certain column. 



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