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Send email when a specific form choice is made

I have a form that has several choice options.  I would like to send an email to a specific department when one of these choices has been selected.



As an example, if Egnyte was selected, i would want to send an email to the Egnyte team.  If Egnyte and Grammerly were selected, i would want to send two emails one to the Egnyte Team and one to the Grammerly as the emails would be different.  If all choices were selected, i would want to send 5 different emails to five different teams.  If nothing was selected, then no emails would be sent.


I'm fairly new to Forms and PA, is there a way this can be completed?




Super User
Super User

Hi @AndyB747 

You should allow multiple answers on your question (checkbox instead of option) and then do something like this:



Responses with multiple values came in the format ["Plane","Car","Others"], so you need an expression to get the items without special characters:

replace(replace(replace(outputs('Get_response_details')?['body/r070f8e2644594002b6d17633e5f950cc'],'","',','), '["',''), '"]','')

where  outputs('Get_response_details')?['body/r070f8e2644594002b6d17633e5f950cc'] is the form field name (reference).

After that, you can iterate through all the items (apply-to-each), splitting items by ",", and with a switch action detect the value and send mail accordingly.

Hope it helps!


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Thanks for this fchopo

I’ve changed from option to checkbox as suggestedcouple of quick questions

('Get_response_details')?['body/r070f8e2644594002b6d17633e5f950cc'] this part is the form field name?  So in my case this would be

('Get_response_details')?['body/rNew Starter Equipment] or does the long ID go in here instead?


replace(replace(replace(outputs('Get_response_details')?['body/r070f8e2644594002b6d17633e5f950cc'],'","',','), '["',''), '"]','')


do you mean I add in the specific fields ie Egnyte or Grammerly?  Could you give me an example?


How does the below look?




Andy B747

New Member

Just to update on this one, this is the question where i want a specific email to go to a different address depending on the response


Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 13.19.26.png

As an example, if a user requested Webex, an email would be sent to the Webex team only to assign a license.  It would be the same for a Egnyte license, if selected, an email would go to the Egynte team only to assign a license.


If two licenses were requested, it would go to those two teams only as per the above.


When i get a response, i get a [ ] around each response, does the above resolve this as i am still getting errors.


Is this possible and how do i get a flow to complete this question, does the above look ok (apologies, just starting out in Power Automate).  If anyone can help with a suggested flow, that would be great!





Super User
Super User

Correct! Unfortunately, in Power Automate you don't see the questions by their name, and you'll realize it uses some specific id's (shown while you browse on the responses fields).

If you follow step-by-step what I showed in previous response, it should work.



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New Member

Struggling a bit on this one if someone can help?


Getting the response back of


Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 08.50.25.png

Now i think this is because i have entered the following


replace(replace(replace(outputs('Get_response_details')?['body/FORMREFERENCE'],'","',','), '["',''), '"]','')


As i have Egnyte, Webex, Adobe DC Pro, Adobe CC and Grammerly, could anyone help where these go in the above?


My flow currently looks like


Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 08.54.20.png


Could someone help with a flow showing the flow details on the following form


Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 08.56.38.png

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