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Send reminder email to users that have not responded to on MS Form

Hi all!


I'm currently trying to build a fully automated process that once a month sends a list of people a link to a form to complete, then if those users have not completed the form within 7 days, it sends those people a reminder.


The automated monthly email is already setup and works fine but I'm struggling to find a way to automate checking the people that have not submitted the form and then sending those people a reminder.


I'm also conscious that because this a monthly recurring task, there may need to be something additional that archives all responses, so that when the flow recurrence begins again at the start of the month, it does not check responses from the previous month.


1. Recurrence email is sent out asking people to respond on form

2. After 7 days, the flow checks which people have not responded on the form this month

3. Sends those people a reminder to submit the form this month

4. All monthly responses are then archived into a separate share point list, including any people that have not responded and their responses can appear blank - that would then flag in the list


Note, it is not actual essential that the reminder email gets the person to submit the form, it is more around we can keep an audit of the requests and the reminder request.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! 😄

Frequent Visitor

I've mad some progress on this and got it almost working however the apply to each seems to be causing the flow to send an email based on each item on the SharePoint list. What I'm asking it to do is check the SharePoint list for the name of the submitter in, then also check to see if there is an entry for this Month. 


Does submitter email = email address


Is month = December-2022


If this returns as false, then this means the user has not submitted the form this month as there is no data in SharePoint list for this month. However, the flow is then sending the same email three times over and I can't work out why. There is 3 items in the SharePoint list so i'm assuming that is related???


The flow does not fail, it just isn't doing what I hoped. There is only one item on my list that the above applies to, therefore only one email should be sent, however it is sent multiple times.


If anyone understands where I'm going wrong or how I could resolve this that would be great! 🙂 





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