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Sending an Alert to a particular group



I'm new to using FLOW and would like to ask if there'sD a particular template that we can use to send alert to a particular group and send them a reminder to a particular task that they need to accomplish for a particular day? 

Helper V
Helper V



If you are using a sharepoint list to generate the tasks that the group need to do do then you should be able to send the email to the group via the group mail box thus everyone should get the email within the group in their varous in boxes.  So I would sughest that you do the following:


  • Recurance (set to daily and your time zone)
  • When a item is created or modified 
  • Add a condtion, this should be linked to when you want the task to go out, maybe a couple of days before the task is due to give the group time to process it if required.  You might need a calculation column in your Sharepoint list entitled "SendEmail" 
  • Send an email (not V2)  insert the tasks details in the body of the email you want the group to do, also add the email address of the group you want to send it to.  Perhaps BCC yourself incase you need it.  

Then perform some test runs to see what you get

I am not an expert myself (only been using flow for six months), so those that are, may have a better idea of acheiving this.

Hope the above points you in the right direction, but please do some reasearch on some of the above before replying.








Super User III
Super User III



I agree with @WDRC for the most part.  You don't`t want to use a when an item is created or modified trigger.  Rather, your should use a recurrence trigger (as suggested) and a get items action.  You should filter the items you get back using an ODATA filter so that you only receive items for which you want to send an email.  Then, loop through the items returned and send an email.


Let me know if you need an example.


There is no template.



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