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Sending an Email in Flow based on x2 column status

Hello Everyone!

My name is Courtney and greetings from Australia 🙂 I  am in the process of making a membership form and I am a little bit stuck.


My PowerApp is a nice looking form for users to apply for a new membership. I have used variables to change the status through each step of the work flow. The PowerApp links to my main membership list in SharePoint. 




I have successfully managed to write a flow where the user will receive an email once the membership is approved (equal to status of  "current" in my app).


This is where I get stuck;


I want to send a different email to the user when the membership status column is set to "current" AND the membership type column is set too  "academic staff".

This is the one I got working for just current:



This is the one I wrote for "current" and "academic staff" but its not working, I receive no email. I do receive an email for the above one.


These x2 are both in the same flow.


I hope this makes sense, I am very new to PowerApps/flow and a little n00b also 🙂

Any help would be gladly appreciated.


Thank you,  Courtney



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Memorable Member

Hello Courtney,


First, what is the trigger for this flow?

If it’s something like a SharePoint- When a record is modified, then it’s going to send these emails whenever anything changes for these rows, as long as the status is what you specified. You may want to include an extra line in your conditionals with something like: 


Created is greater than addminutes(utcnow(), -5))

So you’re only sending this if the record was created in the last 5 minutes.



Next, you want to combine your conditionals, going from most restrictive to least restrictive.

So copy your ‘current’ conditional to your clipboard and add an action in the red false section of your ‘current’ and ‘academic stuff’ conditional. Go to the From clipboard tab and select the ‘current’ conditional you just copied to that false section.

That way if it matches your status & type condition it will send one email and if it matches only your status conditional, then it will send the other email.

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