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Sending email when item is older than x hours


I have been building this flow in Logic Apps which checks the Created date of an item and sends an email if its older than x amount of days. This will be for 2 years. However during testing I need to test this with minutes or hours.


I've tried hours but it's not working for me - please review my flow below and let me know what I'm doing wrong.

addHours expression: addHours(utcNow(),-1,'yyyy-MM-dd')





Super User
Super User

Hello @sudosaurus ,

the formatDateTime(...) expression as you have it makes the addHours(...) irrelevant. If you format the date to 'yyyy-MM-dd', it'll remove the time information and keep only the date at 00:00:00. You should skip the custom format, use only:


The second point - if you use Created in the Filter Query, it'll always include date and time up to milliseconds. Therefore, you can't use the <eq> operator, I don't think you'll ever see an equal date and time to this level. You should use a range for the date:

Created gt 'bottom range' and Created le 'upper range'

For example, to get items created in the last hour:

Created gt 'addHours(utcNow(),-1)' and Created le 'utcNow()'

or items created 2 years ago where it makes sense to ignore the time and check items created between today - 2 years at 00:00:00 and today - 2 years + 1 day at 00:00:00.

Created gt 'addToTime(utcNow(), -2, 'Year', 'yyyy-MM-dd')' and Created le 'addDays(addToTime(utcNow(),-2, 'Year'),1)'


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