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Sending email with web hyperlinks only if Excel cells are not blank

Hi.  I am quite new to Power Automate and loving what it can do.  I have managed to link MS Forms to Excel easily enough.  Then added in a link/flow so that the results from the form were calculated in Excel and then drafted an email response that was sent to the respondent.  All went well.
I then managed to have cells in excel produce web links that were embedded into the email and hyperlinked them.  
My issue is whether it is possible to add an IF statement into the links so that if the cell in Excel is blank then no hyperlink shows up.  The results can return 4 links, 5 links, 8 links and the hyperlink text works when the cell is full but just shows as text if there is nothing in the Excel cell.  Is there any way of making the text not show if the excel cell is blank?

Resolver I
Resolver I

Not too sure what you are doing,  but I will assume add a row action in excel.  In The excel column use the expression


if(equals(formfield,null),'',formfield)   where formfield = your field you are extracting in your form

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