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Sending from a shared mailbox permissions and configuration

I have an app, I am the owner of the app and I have a flow and I am the owner of the flow.


I have a user who will use the app, that will press a button that will run the flow.


Part of this flow sends an email.


Originally I had this configured to send from a shared mailbox. But I then realised the user won't have permissions to send "on behalf of" this shared mailbox. So it errors. 


The alternative is to use a "send an email" action which will send as the user who triggers the flow in powerapps.

However, in some cases I might want to send an email which would have content that I do not want that user to see, therefore sending from their account isn't really an option.


I'm sure this is simple but I just don't understand how I can do this? I basically want a flow to send emails not from me, not from the app user/flow runner, but just from a generic team account. Is this possible?

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

I have a similar problem.  When powerapps triggers a flow with an email,  the send as can no longer be a shared mailbox email.  Is there a work around to this.


in part I found one that removed the trigger from powerapps to be when a Sharepoint items is created.  This meant powerapps triggers the flow by simply adding the new record to SP.


This is fine for creation of new record, but I cannot use the same idea based on modified as it also does create or modified.  It would be greate to have a trigger that was simply based when an item is modified as well

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @digitech,


I afraid that your requirement couldn't be achieved since the user won't have permissions to send "on behalf of" this shared mailbox.


Best regards,


There may be an effective workaround. I had the same issue but in my case it also took action to update a SharePoint list.  So I created another numeric column in the list.  So when the power apps ran its action it updates that column with a number .  This update triggers the Modify file trigger for a SP list.  This flow then does the email and it is OK to use the Shared Mailbox email as it is now a flow trigger by the creator who has teh access.


In my case I had three emails based on  particular action,  so teh flow column was updated with the num,bner applicable that email. 

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