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Serial Approvals for Documents Uploaded to a Sharepoint Folder

I am trying to build a Flow with serial approvals for a document that is uploaded to a Sharepoint folder.  I tried following the video on YouTube but it is outdated the Flow connectors have changed.  The idea is that once Approver 1 approved or rejected the document I would be notified and the request for appoval would be sent to the next in line.  And so on....  I also need to be able to track the names of the approvers and the date they approved the document.  Any help would be much appreciated!  FYI - we do not have Departments or Managers assigned in Outlook.  One of the flows I found might have worked but since it could not find the data it failed.



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@ClumberGirl :

Can you provide a little more information on your requirement:

  • Are the approvers the same each time?  If not, how will you know who to whom to send the approval?  End user input?
  • Do you want the Flow to end on a rejection?  So, if approver 1 rejects the document, do you want it to move on to the second stage or should the Flow end?
  • Where will the information regarding who approved and when be stored?  Additional columns in the library?
  • Will each approval be assigned to just 1 person?  If not, do all need to approve or do you just need the first response?
  • What trigger will you use to strat the Flow?



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Hi Scott - 


It would be the same approvers each time.  Plan to set up separate folders for each approver group.


The Flow should end with a rejection and I would get notification of the rejection.


I was originally thinking to add columns for the approver and date, but since the document will not "live" in that folder that may not be the ideal tracking meechanism.  If I can export the information to a document it would work.  I'm open to suggestion.  The approval would not need to move with the document, it can be kept on it's own.


The document will have multiple approvers, I will need to capture all responses, not just the first one.


The trigger I am planning to use is for documents added to a folder, or created in a folder.  I assume that adding a document would be the same as creating one.

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Hi @ClumberGirl ,  I'm going through the same issue now. Have you figured it out? Please let me know. Thank you!

Hi @Anonymous 


I have not figured this out yet.  It's very frustrating. 😞


I'll post if I do.

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