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Setting the default column value of a subfolder in a document library using Power Automate

I have a Flow that automatically creates project folders in a document library on SharePoint based on a form response and I need different folders to have different default column values to make use of searching using metadata. The Folder structure is Client/Location/Project so I want the folders in the client folder to have a default value of the client, the location to have default values of client & location and I want the project folder to have default of the previous as well as the project number.


The issue i'm having is that I can set the default column value for the library but I run into issues when I try to set the default values of the subfolders. The error i'm receiving is "List 'xxxxxxxxxx/xx xxxxxx' does not exist at site with URL 'https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'.
clientRequestId: c2e9facc-fe0d-4caf-a611-25f2c6fe21b8
serviceRequestId: 28bfa59f-5061-b000-a4fc-4d19b87acc90"


See screenshot below of configuration:




Any help would be appreciated!



Most Valuable Professional
Most Valuable Professional

Hi @Anonymous,


For me it's not entirely clear if you want to update the default value of a column or if you just want to update the metadata of a list item, in this case a folder.


So, I have created REST API examples for both scenarios. Hope this helps a bit?


1. Update the default value of a document library field. In this case I am setting the default value of the field to Contoso Sports.








  "Accept": "application/json;odata=verbose",
  "Content-Type": "application/json;odata=verbose",
  "X-HTTP-Method": "MERGE",
  "IF-MATCH": "*"




  "__metadata": {
    "type": "SP.Field"
  "DefaultValue": "Contoso Sports"




2. Update the value of that same field for an item in the document library. In this example I am first retrieving the ListItemEntityTypeFullName. I am using that value for the type in the second request. In this case I am setting the value of the field of the folder item to Contoso.








  "Accept": "application/json;odata=nometadata"










  "content-type": "application/json; odata=verbose",
  "accept": "application/json; odata=verbose",
  "IF-MATCH": "*",




	"__metadata": {
    "type": "@{outputs('Send_an_HTTP_request_to_SharePoint_-_ListItemEntity')?['body/ListItemEntityTypeFullName']}"
  "@{variables('FieldName')}": "Contoso"




Happy to help out! 🙂

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Thank you for your detailed reply, for the 2nd one I get an error saying "Invalid JSON. A comma character ',' was expected in scope 'Object'. Every two elements in an array and properties of an object must be separated by commas."




However, the main issue I have and need resolving is setting a default value in a column specifically for the project name subfolder e.g. Contoso/ProjectName



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I think I have the same need as the original poster - who did not seem to have gotten his issue resolved.


We are trying to use Power Automate to set the default column value at the folder level. Ie. corresponding to the following UI in Sharepoint - Not the general default value for the column in the document library.



Any ideas on how to achieve this?

Hi @Anonymous did you ever get this working.  I am trying to do the same thing

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I'm assuming this was never resolved? 


Is there a restapi that allows us to set this setting?

Super User
Super User

There are a few open threads around this request and I figured it out today so thought I'd drop what I figured...


And, a warning:


Don't try this on a Prod library! Test it out and get it working first. (Luckily I wasn't as stupid as I normally am and only tried in test sites.)

First, my goal was to set default values on sub-folders. 

Here is my Flow:



One caveat - this won't work until you've modified one default, as this seems to create the file in the background. (For myself, I have one piece of Library metadata that will default across the board, so I am going to see if I can just set that through API on its own - but wanted to post this first. UPDATE: Updating one default didn't work to trigger the HTML creation. Oh well.) 

Step 1)
Initialize a string variable.

Step 2)
Get the client_LocationBasedDefaults.html content.


Step 3) I have a Compose for step 3, but that's just because it kept failing based on everything I was reading, so I wanted to look at what the DEFAULT output was from this file. If you want to see, you will do this in a Compose:  



Step 4) Build your defaults! It's not even difficult it's just SO PICKY. Here I am setting values for 2 different folders.





 <MetadataDefaults><a href="/sites/Intranet/TestDefaults/Test1"><DefaultValue FieldName="TextTest">bad</DefaultValue></a><a href="/sites/Intranet/TestDefaults/Test2"><DefaultValue FieldName="TextTest">good</DefaultValue></a></MetadataDefaults> 




Step 5) Cram it back into the file and rejoice.


Here's what it looks like, with some more complex sends... showing that it inherits properly.


I've never been so happy to see those horrible little green gears. Flowers? They kind of look like ICQ flowers.

PS: This works with MMD as well but you need to structure it as -1;#LABEL|LABELGUID



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New Member

Thank you so much for this! I did get it to work by testing what you provided above. However, when I'm trying to do multiples of the same folder on different site columns, it completes, but only changes the first one. Any idea of my error?

<a href="/sites/Projects/TestDefaults/Test1"><DefaultValue FieldName="State">TX</DefaultValue></a>
<a href="/sites/Projects/TestDefaults/Test1"><DefaultValue FieldName="Vesper Dept">Projects</DefaultValue></a>
<a href="/sites/Projects/TestDefaults/Test2"><DefaultValue FieldName="State">CA</DefaultValue></a>
<a href="/sites/Projects/TestDefaults/Test2"><DefaultValue FieldName="Vesper Dept">Projects</DefaultValue></a>

Thank you for you blogpost.

In my flow, a new folder is created and then I want to set the default values for the columns.
I can run the flow successfully and the default values are set on the newly created folder, however, the the default values of the previously created folders are deleted.
In my case the file "client_LocationBasedDefaults.html" is overwritten, so that only the folder created in the flow has a default value.

How do I make sure the new value is added in to the current client_LocationBasedDefaults.html file instead of creating a new client_LocationBasedDefaults.html every time.

You can just create a condition to query for that file - if it finds it, then, just copy the text out and append your updates. If it doesn't, then, create a new one.


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I answer questions on the forum for 2-3 hours every Thursday!

Thanks for this post but i have given it many tries doing exactly as you do but i am unable to get this working in anyway. I am able to get this working in powershell PNP (i am at the point to just build a function app for this).

It is a crucial function to have so is there perhaps more information you can give or test if this still works as expected

When you have multiple for the same folder, the syntax is different. Try something like this:

<a href="/sites/Projects/TestDefaults/Test1"><DefaultValue FieldName="State">TX</DefaultValue><DefaultValue FieldName="Vesper Dept">Projects</DefaultValue></a>
<a href="/sites/Projects/TestDefaults/Test2"><DefaultValue FieldName="State">CA</DefaultValue><DefaultValue FieldName="Vesper Dept">Projects</DefaultValue></a>
Helper I
Helper I

Okay y'all, buckle up. I know this is more than two years old but it's basically the only post I found while trying to do this so hopefully this saves someone else the headache.


All kudos to @Rhiassuring whose work above was the foundation for this post. I literally would not have known where to start without them.


Here's how I figured out how to add new defaults to the existing defaults. Important note here that these steps assume the client_LocationBasedDefaults.html file already exists, which it will not unless at least one column default has been set through the UI. In my use-case I do not have a need to programmatically create new client_LocationBasedDefaults.html files, only update the existing one for an existing library, so I did not spend time trying to figure that out.


Step 1. Get the path to your client_LocationBasedDefaults.html file

Go to your SharePoint site’s document library (at the top level) through a web browser and then copy the URL, it will look something like this:


Now replace the “AllItems.aspx” at the end of your URL with “client_LocationBasedDefaults.html” like


Step 2. Add the “Send an HTTP request to SharePoint” action in your Flow. Pick your site and GET as the method. For a URL like my above example, the Uri would be as follows:

_api/Web/GetFileByServerRelativePath(decodedurl='/sites/RR-Catalog/Shared%20Documents/Forms/client_LocationBasedDefaults.html ')/$value?binaryStringResponseBody=true

Don’t populate Headers or Body sections.


Step 3. Modify the existing client_LocationBasedDefaults.html content to be able to use later.

The output of Step 2 is going to be the current folder defaults for that library. It will look something like this: (line breaks added for readability – don’t put line breaks in your actual Flow!)


<a href=\"/sites/RR-Catalog/Shared%20Documents/Anvils\"><DefaultValue FieldName=\"Class\">Anvil</DefaultValue></a>

<a href=\"/sites/RR-Catalog/Shared%20Documents/Disguises\"><DefaultValue FieldName=\"Class\">Costume</DefaultValue></a>

<a href=\"/sites/RR-Catalog/Shared%20Documents/Cooking%20Utensils\"><DefaultValue FieldName=\"Class\">Appliance</DefaultValue></a>

<a href=\"/sites/RR-Catalog/Shared%20Documents/Jets%20%26%20Motors\"><DefaultValue FieldName=\"Class\">Transport</DefaultValue></a>


We need to insert our new defaults into this file before the </MetadataDefaults> closing tag, and we need to remove all the backslashes (\) - the string you put together to put in the HTTP request later should have NO backslashes in it. Don't replace them - remove them. Use a compose and nest a decodeBase64 formula within the replace formula:

replace(decodeBase64(body(‘Step_2_Action’)?['$content']), '\', '')

Then we need to remove the closing Metadata tag so that we can append our changes in a later step:



Step 4. Determine your new defaults.

All of the folders in the above example are located at the top level of the library. As you go deeper into the folder structure the syntax of the metadata defaults simply extends the URL. For example, “Shared Documents > Jets & Motors > Jet Bike Kit” would be:

<a href=\"/sites/RR-Catalog/Shared%20Documents/Jets%20%26%20Motors/Jet%20Bike%20Kit\"><DefaultValue FieldName=\"Class\">Transport</DefaultValue></a>

Notice how Jet Bike Kit became Jet%20Bike%20Kit and Jets & Motors became Jets%20%26%20Motors? If you are building your own path out of dynamic values in Flow, you have to account for the required formatting. Replace all spaces with %20:

replace({dynamicvalue}, ‘ ’, ‘%20’)

Look out for other types of special characters in your folder names. Don't have any if you can help it, but if you do you will have to replace them with what SharePoint actually sees - look at the URL you get when you navigate to that folder in the library to get an idea of what SharePoint sees as the actual folder path and name. Once you know that, you can add steps in the flow to replace or remove certain special character from the dynamic values before you plug them into your final string. In this case, we know that & = %26, so we would write a replace formula for the & symbol:

replace({dynamicvalue}, ‘&‘, ‘%26’)

This only applies to the path, the default value itself does not need to be transformed.

In my scenario, I am updating a folder’s metadata based on values in a list item. The list items are categorized by the top-level folders, meaning I have a field on the list that tells me if the item is Anvils, Disguises, Cooking Utensils, or Jets & Motors. So, I would do something like this:


replace(replace(triggerOutputs()?['body/Class'], ‘ ’, ‘%20’), ‘&’, ‘%26’)
replace(triggerOutputs()?['body/Title'], ‘ ’, ‘%20’)
<a href="/sites/RR-Catalog/Shared%20Documents/@{outputs('Compose_Path_Class')}/@{outputs('Compose_Path_Title')}"><DefaultValue FieldName="SKU">@{triggerOutputs()?['body/SysID']}</DefaultValue></a>


Step 4a. What if I want to add more than one default value to a folder?

If you need to set multiple defaults for the same folder, you need to do that within the <a> tag, so you wouldn’t close the tag until you’ve covered them all. Add more by adding additional <DefaultValue> tags after the URL. For example:

<a href=\"/sites/RR-Catalog/Shared%20Documents/ Jets%20%26%20Motors/Tennis%20Balls\"><DefaultValue FieldName=\"Class\">Transport</DefaultValue><DefaultValue FieldName=\"Department\">Sports</DefaultValue></a>

In this case you would likely want to build each <DefaultValue FieldName=\"{column}\">{defaultvalue}</DefaultValue> statement separately and then combine them all into one statement with the folder path. I prefer compose actions over variables, but it may make more sense to have a string variable and an append to string variable action if you have a lot of default values you want to add to a single folder.


Step 4b. What if I want to update more than one folder at a time?

If you will be adding multiple folders in one flow, that basically equates to adding multiple lines. I would recommend using an apply to each if possible (and/or call a subflow) to go through the steps to modify and combine your default values for each folder you would want to update. In this scenario, you would have to add an additional action after my Compose New Path that is an append to string variable so that your output will capture all the options. Then wherever I am plugging in outputs('Compose_New_Path') you would plug in the string variable.


Step 5. Combine the existing with the new.

This is thankfully a simple concat:

concat(outputs('Compose_LocationBasedDefaults'), outputs('Compose_New_Path'), ‘</MetadataDefaults>’)


Step 6. Upload it back to SharePoint

Use the “Send an HTTP request to SharePoint” action again, with PUT as the Method and a Uri like:

_api/Web/GetFileByServerRelativePath(decodedurl='/sites/RR-Catalog/Shared%20Documents/Forms/client_LocationBasedDefaults.html ')/$value


In the body, enter the output from your concat in Step 5.


In my flow I ended up combining a bunch of these steps, but I would strongly recommend you create each one separately first and make sure it works on a test library before doing that yourself. I would also recommend saving the original output from the first HTTP request and adding that into a compose while you’re building it, because as you test you will be appending on to your previous tests, which can compound mistakes and make it hard to tell when you’ve succeeded. If you have the OG code ready in a compose, you can swap that output back into your flow in between real tests to ‘reset’ the file.

Hi all! You mentioned that it works for Managed Metadata Column, but we need specific template 1;#LABEL|LABELGUID. But I don't understand where we can find the first number. With random number it doesn't work. Do you know the secret, how we need to set those values?) 

Go to the Term Store (where you created the Managed Metadata in the first place - can be found by adding /_layouts/15/SiteAdmin.aspx#/termStoreAdminCenter to the end of your site address) click on the term you want the ID for, then click on the "Usage settings" tab and copy the Unique identifier:



Then you want it formatted like this:



This is what you will need whenever referencing the Managed Metadata basically anywhere that's not a user interface - like if you want to Switch on it in a Power Automation flow, the Case would be in that same format.

Frequent Visitor

Both posts here from @Rhiassuring and @RathwynAE were great here and I was almost there. 

I have created a Team create form in a powerapp that querys the Term Store for the Customer so that the users can have their documents automatically tagged from the start. 

I got as far as being able to set the managed metadata default value on to a column, but when testing, the documents are not being 'tagged' and the values when clicking on the column in the default column values settings, the defaul setting is not actually set.

I tried creating the client_LocationBasedDefaults.html file, but had no luck. It really feels like that is the key. Manually setting it isnt a solution as the customer wants this flow to skip needing to touch the site before handing it over to the owners. 

Anyone got any ideas about creating that file? 

Hi Karina, 

From my work this week, i have found that that number is always '-1', so you can build the structure in a compose action. It may have not been working as you were using '1'?

Regular Visitor

The first number isn't the standard -1 WssId, it's the ID for the metadata term in your site's locally cached TaxonomyHiddenList:



Browse to that list and show the columns 'IdForTerm' and 'ID' -- the ID is what you need to compose your string 'ID;#LABEL|LABELGUID'. The IDs are auto-increment and apply to any metadata used in the Site Collection, doesn't matter what term set they belong to or what List they are used in. When you manually set a metadata value (via a form, using the library column defaults page, etc.) and use a term for the first time it will add it to the TaxonomyHiddenList and you'll get a new ID generated.


Even thought you know what the next ID number will be, updating client_LocationBasedDefaults.html with new, sequential IDs won't work since it doesn't actually add them to the TaxonomyHiddenList. You need to get the terms added to TaxonomyHiddenList first so you can retrieve their IDs to then write to client_LocationBasedDefaults.html. You could create a test List, use Flow to loop through every term in your set and assign it to a List item. That would populate TaxonomyHiddenList with all your terms and IDs so you could then query that list to get the IDs you would need. This is what I've had to do since I don't have permission to run Powershell.

Hi RathwynAE,

Can you please share the Screen shot of the full flow because I am trying to do the same but I am getting errors.

Hey there,


I also had a customer with the request to create the client_LocationBasedDefaults.html file, without manual input before. So I fiddled around a bit and found a PowerShell script to create a client_LocationBasedDefaults.html file:


I tried converting this into a flow and got this working:

Save Default Values.PNG

Hope this helps! 😊

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TUESDAY TIPS are our way of communicating helpful things we've learned or shared that have helped members of the Community. Whether you're just getting started or you're a seasoned pro, Tuesday Tips will help you know where to go, what to look for, and navigate your way through the ever-growing--and ever-changing--world of the Power Platform Community! We cover basics about the Community, provide a few "insider tips" to make your experience even better, and share best practices gleaned from our most active community members and Super Users.   With so many new Community members joining us each week, we'll also review a few of our "best practices" so you know just "how" the Community works, so make sure to watch the News & Announcements each week for the latest and greatest Tuesday Tips!   This Week's Topic: Blogging in the Community Are you new to our Communities and feel like you may know a few things to share, but you're not quite ready to start answering questions in the forums? A great place to start is the Community blog! Whether you've been using Power Platform for awhile, or you're new to the low-code revolution, the Community blog is a place for anyone who can write, has some great insight to share, and is willing to commit to posting regularly! In other words, we want YOU to join the Community blog.    Why should you consider becoming a blog author? Here are just a few great reasons. 🎉   Learn from Each Other: Our community is like a bustling marketplace of ideas. By sharing your experiences and insights, you contribute to a dynamic ecosystem where makers learn from one another. Your unique perspective matters! Collaborate and Innovate: Imagine a virtual brainstorming session where minds collide, ideas spark, and solutions emerge. That’s what our community blog offers—a platform for collaboration and innovation. Together, we can build something extraordinary. Showcase the Power of Low-Code: You know that feeling when you discover a hidden gem? By writing about your experience with your favorite Power Platform tool, you’re shining a spotlight on its capabilities and real-world applications. It’s like saying, “Hey world, check out this amazing tool!” Earn Trust and Credibility: When you share valuable information, you become a trusted resource. Your fellow community members rely on your tips, tricks, and know-how. It’s like being the go-to friend who always has the best recommendations. Empower Others: By contributing to our community blog, you empower others to level up their skills. Whether it’s a nifty workaround, a time-saving hack, or an aha moment, your words have impact. So grab your keyboard, brew your favorite beverage, and start writing! Your insights matter and your voice counts! With every blog shared in the Community, we all do a better job of tackling complex challenges with gusto. 🚀 Welcome aboard, future blog author! ✍️💻🌟 Get started blogging across the Power Platform Communities today! Just follow one of the links below to begin your blogging adventure.   Power Apps: Power Automate: Copilot Studio: Power Pages:   When you follow the link, look for the Message Admins button like this on the page's right rail, and let us know you're interested. We can't wait to connect with you and help you get started. Thanks for being part of our incredible community--and thanks for becoming part of the community blog!

Launch Event Registration: Redefine What's Possible Using AI

  Join Microsoft product leaders and engineers for an in-depth look at the latest features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform. Learn how advances in AI and Microsoft Copilot can help you connect teams, processes, and data, and respond to changing business needs with greater agility. We’ll share insights and demonstrate how 2024 release wave 1 updates and advancements will help you:   Streamline business processes, automate repetitive tasks, and unlock creativity using the power of Copilot and role-specific insights and actions. Unify customer data to optimize customer journeys with generative AI and foster collaboration between sales and marketing teams. Strengthen governance with upgraded tools and features. Accelerate low-code development  using natural language and streamlined tools. Plus, you can get answers to your questions during our live Q&A chat! Don't wait--register today by clicking the image below!      

March 2024 Newsletter

Welcome to our March Newsletter, where we highlight the latest news, product releases, upcoming events, and the amazing work of our outstanding Community members. If you're new to the Community, please make sure to subscribe to News & Announcements in your community and check out the Community on LinkedIn as well! It's the best way to stay up-to-date with all the news from across Microsoft Power Platform and beyond.    COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS Check out the most active community members of the last month! These hardworking members are posting regularly, answering questions, kudos, and providing top solutions in their communities. We are so thankful for each of you--keep up the great work! If you hope to see your name here next month, follow these awesome community members to see what they do!   Power AppsPower AutomateCopilot StudioPower PagesWarrenBelzAgniusMattJimisonragavanrajanLaurensMfernandosilvafernandosilvaLucas001Rajkumar_404wskinnermctccpaytonHaressh2728timlNived_NambiarcapuanodaniloMariamPaulachanJmanriqueriosUshaJyothi20inzil2kvip01PstorkVictorIvanidzejsrandhawarenatoromaodpoggemannmichael0808deeksha15795prufachEddieEgrantjenkinsExpiscornovusdeeksha15795SpongYeRhiassuringdeeksha15795apangelesM_Ali_SZ365ManishSolankiSanju1jamesmuller   LATEST NEWS Business Applications Launch Event - Virtual - 10th April 2024 Registration is still open for the Microsoft Business Applications Launch event which kicks off at 9am PST on Wednesday 10th April 2024. Join Microsoft product leaders and engineers for an in-depth look at the latest news and AI capabilities in Power Platform and Dynamics 365, featuring the likes of Charles Lamanna, Sangya Singh, Julie Strauss, Donald Kossmann, Lori Lamkin, Georg Glantschnig, Mala Anand, Jeff Comstock, and Mike Morton.   If you'd like to learn about the latest advances in AI and how #MicrosoftCopilot can help you streamline your processes, click the image below to register today!     Power Apps LIVE Copilot Coffee Chat - 9.30am 3rd April 2024 Be sure to check out our exclusive LIVE community event, "Power Apps Copilot Coffee Chat with Copilot Studio Product Team", which kicks off next week.   This is a unique opportunity to connect and converse with members of the Copilot Studio product team to learn more about their plans and insights into upcoming features. Click the image below to learn how to gain access!     Get Started with AI Prompts - Friday 29th March 2024 Join April Dunnam, Gomolemo Mohapi, and the team as they launch a new multi-week video series on our YouTube channelto show how you can power up your AI experience with Power Automate.   Here you'll discover how to create custom AI Prompts to use in your Power Platform solutions, with the premier available to view at 9am on Friday 29th March 2024. Click the image below to get notified when the video goes live!     UPCOMING EVENTS North American Collab Summit - Texas - 9-11th April 2024 It's not long now until the #NACollabSummit, which takes place at the Irving Convention Center in Texas on April 11-13th 2024. This amazing event will see business leaders, IT pros, developers, and end users, come together to learn how the latest Microsoft technologies can power teamwork, engagement, communication, and organizational effectiveness.   This is a great opportunity to learn from some amazing speakers and shining lights across #WomenInTech, with guests including the likes of Liz Sundet, Cathy Dew, Rebecka Isaksson, Isabelle Van Campenhoudt, Theresa Lubelski, Shari L. Oswald, Emily Mancini,Katerina Chernevskaya, Sharon Weaver, Sandy Ussia, Geetha Sivasailam, and many more.   Click the image below to find out more about this great event!   Dynamic Minds Conference - Slovenia - 27-29th May 2024 The DynamicsMinds Conference is almost upon us, taking place on 27-29th May at the Grand Hotel Bernardin in Slovenia. With over 150 sessions and 170 speakers, there's sure to be something for everyone across this awesome three-day event. There's an amazing array of speakers, including Dona Sarkar, Georg Glantschnig, Elena Baeva, Chris Huntingford, Lisa Crosbie, Ilya Fainberg, Keith Whatling, Malin Martnes, Mark Smith, Rachel Profitt, Renato Fajdiga, Shannon Mullins, Steve Mordue, Tricia Sinclair, Tommy Skaue, Victor Dantas, Sara Lagerquist, and many more.   Click the image below to meet more of the #MicrosoftCommunity in Slovenia to learn, mingle, and share your amazing ideas!     European Power Platform Conference - Belgium - 11-13th June It's time to make a note in your diary for the third European Power Platform Conference, which takes place at the SQUARE-BRUSSELS CONVENTION CENTRE on 11-13th June in Belgium.   This event brings together the Microsoft Community from across the world for three invaluable days of in-person learning, connection, and inspiration. There's a wide array of expert speakers across #MPPC24, including the likes of Aaron Rendell, Amira Beldjilali, Andrew Bibby, Angeliki Patsiavou, Ben den Blanken, Cathrine Bruvold, Charles Sexton, Chloé Moreau, Chris Huntingford, Claire Edgson, Damien Bird, Emma-Claire Shaw, Gilles Pommier, Guro Faller, Henry Jammes, Hugo Bernier, Ilya Fainberg, Karen Maes, Laura Graham-Brown, Lilian Stenholt Thomsen, Lindsay Shelton, Lisa Crosbie, Mats Necker, Negar Shahbaz, Nick Doelman, Paulien Buskens, Sara Lagerquist, Tricia Sinclair, Ulrikke Akerbæk, and many more.   Click the image below to find out more and register for what is sure to be a jam-packed event in beautiful Brussels!     For more events, click the image below to visit the Community Days website.   LATEST COMMUNITY BLOG ARTICLES Power Apps Community Blog Power Automate Community Blog Copilot Studio Community Blog Power Pages Community Blog Check out 'Using the Community' for more helpful tips and information: Power Apps, Power Automate, Copilot Studio, Power Pages

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