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SharePoint Calendar and Events

I had initiall posted this in the wrong forum; trying again here!  lol


I am trying to create a flow that will:


Create a new event unless one exists, then it will update the existing event.


I'm [    ] that close to getting this to work!  Just can't figure out the if/then statement.  


I can get the flow to email me all the pertinent information, so the trigger is perfect.  I am triggering off of "When an event is created or modified" and it is a List name = "group calendar".


I can get the flow to create the event just fine as well.


However, what I'm having issues with is if the event exists, it updates it instead of creating a new one.  I just tried one last time to get it to work, and it went thru ALL my events, checked the condition (if the ID matches) and executes on that one event, which will create the event because the ID's don't match.  But then it went onto the next irrelevent event and repeated.  Thankfully Outlook lists events and easy deletion (phew).


I can provide SS's or such.  TIA

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What happens when there are multiple participants in the meeting.... I’ve been looking at this flow today and it looks like it creates a separate calendar entry for each person. - if it does this would mean there are multiple event ID’s for each persons entry.
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I've been looking at this flow and it looks like Microsoft has added a deletion trigger for SharePoint list items. I'm new to making MS flows. When using this flow when an event is added or updated it creates a new event in outlook, but the flow does not delete the original outdated event in outlook. does anyone have any advice for how I could modify this flow to delete the old outdated event?

Wow! Nice flow guys.

It working great.


Two questions:


1.) I'd also like to add the delete-function of old calender events. Is that possible with this flow?


2.) I also tried to send the calender entry to myself via using "required attendess" and "optional attendees" using my email. 

     But I dont get an Calender entry to accept / decline....?

     What could be the reason for this problem?


Thank you very much guys 🙂







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