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Helper V

SharePoint Copy action ERROR randomly popping. Help needed !

Hello everyone !


I am creating a new thread on this type of error, because I did not get any help nor any satisfying thoughts/workarounds from the only existing (and unresolved) thread

I am writing this post to raise the awareness about this issue too.


So, let's get started.

What is my context ?

I am building a flow for user to be able to copy SitePages from a Group intranet to several countries-sites based

The different site where I want to copy the page are listed in a SharePoint list


What does my flow look like ?

Each time a user launches the flow from the Group Intranet's SitePages library, it performs certain actions, including the following :

  • Retrieving the countries sites from SP list "Countries"
  • For each country retrieved :
    • Retrieve its SitePages library's ID
    • Check if a file already exists in the destination SitePages library
      •  If yes : copy by replacing it
      • If no : copy with a new name.






What is the error I get and when ?

On a random basis, I get this error :


"status": 400,

"message": "Source object has changed during copy process. please rerun copy operation to get the latest copy. Source file length 23067, target file length 24953, source file eTag \"{0FF061A0-E81D-4002-BAF1-8D1B9E0DAC81},16\", target file eTag \"{0FF061A0-E81D-4002-BAF1-8D1B9E0DAC81},15\" CallStack -- \r\nclientRequestId: 00c29dff-054e-43b9-b2da-cd6cb64ed63b\r\nserviceRequestId: 00c29dff-054e-43b9-b2da-cd6cb64ed63b"



As you can see, there are only 2 changes : The length of the source is always smaller than the target file length. And the eTag changes too.


Here are the tests I've ran :

- I tried to copy Page1 in 6 sites this morning. These tests took the left path, because there were no page with the same name in the targetted sites. EACH copy action for each site gave me the error. I tried several times, waiting inbetween. I still got this.

- I then tried to copy Page2 like 30min ago, the flow took the left path again, and this error only fired for 1 out of 6 sites.

- I tried to copy Page3 1hour ago, with already one existing page in one of the targetted sites. So, for that specific site, the flow took the right path, the "copy by replacing". I still got the error, sometimes.


Nobody is doing other things on the page in the mean time I'm doing my tests. There is no way somebody is modifying it.


Please tell me I am not the only one to get this random error.

And please, tell me you found the source of the problem, if not the solution !


Thanks! and have a wonderful day !

Helper IV
Helper IV


If you just copy the file instead of copying the SitePages, can you also reproduce a similar issue?

I have a similar issue. A flow copies seven documents. It uses a list to read the document names and loops through that list. Some files get copied, some fail with the message 


Source object has changed during copy process. please rerun copy operation to get the latest copy. Source file length 59998, target file length 61365, source file eTag \"{DF01393C-0AAB-4D9E-8418-42A4A0DEB438},49\", target file eTag \"{DF01393C-0AAB-4D9E-8418-42A4A0DEB438},48\" 
How can there be a target file length when the file should just be copied to a different location?

Hey @tfhegdbn , I can assure that I have the exact same issue but trying to copy a file instead of a sitepage!


Here's my error-Message:


Source object has changed during copy process. please rerun copy operation to get the latest copy. Source file length 67068, target file length 69717, source file eTag "{7DFB76C5-B7AB-424F-ADB1-E5BDC2C6AF0F},5", target file eTag "{7DFB76C5-B7AB-424F-ADB1-E5BDC2C6AF0F},4" CallStack --
clientRequestId: cfb3821d-cfff-4a21-b591-07bbbb007852
serviceRequestId: cfb3821d-cfff-4a21-b591-07bbbb007852


Heres an image of the context:

2019-10-25 10_22_53-MicrosoftFlow.png


Hello everyone,

@tfhegdbn, as I said it is a really random error.

Now, I tried several times this last friday. The first flow's run worked well except for one copy on one site. I re-submitted the flow, and this time it all went well.

It is a big gap between these two runs and the ones that I've submitted few days earlier, where every copy action failed because the source file changed during the process, each time I launched the flow ! So, I consider it as "working" right now.


I don't know how we could workaround this one. At the moment, it is only a mix of patience and luck.

An I can assure you, my customers are a bit afraid of this random behavior !

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