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SharePoint Modify Flow Error

Can you help with the following.


Using an existing SharePoint list with a SharePoint "wehn an existing item is modified" I get the following error:




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{ "status": 400, "message": "The query to field 'Site/LinkTitleNoMenu' is not valid.", "source": "'TXW%20NOC%20Tickets')/Items?$expand=Site,Market,R_x003a_Impairment,Shipment_x0020_Number,Author,Editor&$select=*,Site/LinkTitleNoMenu,Market/Title,R_x003a_Impairment/Title,Shipment_x0020_Number/ID,Author/Name,Editor/Name,Site/Site_x0020_Name,R_x003a_Impairment/Impairment_x0020_Percentage,Site/Market_x0020__x002d__x0020_text&$filter=(((Modified%20eq%20'2016-10-01T01:45:12Z')%20and%20(ID%20gt%20'0'))%20or%20((Modified%20gt%20'2016-10-01T01:45:12Z')%20and%20(Modified%20lt%20'2016-10-01T01:54:19Z')))&$orderby=Modified%20asc&$top=100", "errors": [ "-1" ] }

Hi @danfoxley, I have tried the sharepoint -when a list is modified as trigger, it works for me.


Could you give the flow url like this: for further investigation?


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HI Telu,


Could you repeat what the ask is? I'm not clear on next steps.

@danfoxley, After you creating the flow and clicking to reedit it, the url showing in the browser is the flow url. in the format like this:



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@danfoxley, Does Shipment_Details in the sharepoint list is not a string type? I was trying the similiar contain condition, if the type is not same, it would lead to the failure, could you check the flow run to see it's the error?



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The error is in SharePoint not the condition part (as your screen shot shows).


Isn't this my Issue, not the condition?


{ "status": 400, "message": "The query to field 'Site/LinkTitleNoMenu' is not valid.", "source":


Hi danfoxley,


I have exactly the same error while using the sharepoint condition "when a new item is created" and am trying to fix it. Were you able to fix the error?


In my case, the exact error message is

{ "status": 400, "message": "The query to field 'Project_x0020_Name/LinkTitleNoMenu' is not valid."


and it appears to be pointing to a field in this list which is a "lookup" to another sharepoint list.


Kind regards


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I am having the same issue you are. My workflow is failing due to three fields within the list that have the "Lookup" type.

Did you ever find any sloultions to this error?

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I recently had the same issue and solved it by following the steps in my blog post at I hope it fixes it for you too! Good luck

Having the same issue. Unfortunately using the workaround posted won't work for us as we're using a (Count Related) lookup column that we need for that list. Any other solution that doesn't require us to change the column type?  



  "message""The query to field '<Field Name>' is not valid.\r\nclientRequestId: 77a0adbe-2320-45e7-bf84-7a60d6b06982",
  "errors": [

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Your column type can still be lookup. It's a column setting for that lookup column, though, that simply changes the presentation of it to plain data instead of hyperlinked data. Would that affect your process?

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