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SharePoint list: Trigger "selected item" / How to manually trigger a flow

Hi all,


I really like "Flow" and I want to use it more. But I do have a problem creating a flow which starts for a selected item in a SharePoint Online list.


I did use the SharePoint trigger "For selected item" (translated it from German, so maybe it has a slightly different name) to read out some fields and start an approval process. The flow itself was created without any problem, but it cannot be started.


So the question is: How could I link it to the SharePoint list or is there any other way to select the list item and run the flow against it?


I will greatly appriciate any help!





Community Support
Community Support

Hi Tom131,


It seems that trigger “For a selected item” allows you to start a flow for a selected item in a SharePoint list or library. You can use the columns of the list or library as output parameters. For a file, you can use the "identifier" column to get file content. So I create a simple flow with this trigger, but seems that I don’t have a way to trigger this flow.


Could you tell me more about your scenario so that I can help to achieve your goal? About the trigger “For a selected item”, I would confirm it from my side and back to you once I got any updates.


Best regards,

Mabel Mao

Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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Hi Mabel,


First of all - thank you very much for looking into this!


My scenario is a kind of asset management. We track some devices in a SharePoint list and want to document the handover to a coworker by using a flow. Since the devices will be handed out and taken back several times, I created a flow for the "selected item".


I thought I can than select a list item and start the flow based upon the item content, e.g. send an approval mail to the coworker who has just received the device and he confirms it by clicking on the button in the mail.


But unfortunately I cannot trigger the flow from the list. And I even cannot pin any existing flow to the "flow menu" on the SharePoint site.

Maybe I need additional permissions to do that? Or maybe the flow has to be a "team flow"?


Flows triggered by "new item" or "modified item" are working fine, but then I have to create a column like "start confirmation flow (yes/no)" and work with a condition. It would be much easier for the team if I can trigger the flow by using the dropdown.


Best regards,


Hi Mabel,


Did you already figure out how to start the flow manually? 
I'm also very curious how this works.


Thanx in advange for your update!



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Are there any news regarding this question? Please, I would highly appreciate any answer!


Thank you very much.



Have you found a solution? I have been succeful in launching a flow from a list column change but it would be great to be able to launch it from the drop-down.


Regular Visitor


Unfortunately not, that is why I "bumped" the post again.


I had to solve it with an additional column like "Start flow: Yes/No". Then I've set the flow to run after every change, included a condition which checks if "Start flow" is set to yes. If it is the flow will run and at the end it will change "Start flow" to "No".


But this isn't the way it is described on the MSFT sites...and a little bit confusing for non-technical colleagues.





@Tom131 @s7ev3n @DrFlex Not sure how to make this "For a selected item" trigger get executed either...


But if you are looking for a way to manually execute a flow taking a SP item selected as input, you can follow the steps explained here


Plase note the post I am referring to is applying to Document Libraries, but if you open a SP List, select one of the items, choose "Create flow", you will find a very useful template whose trigger grabs item related info, as you can see in the following screenshot. So you keep the trigger and rebuild the rest of the flow according to your needs.


Hope this helps


The Selected Item Trigger looks like it only works on the New List experience and not the Classic List experience. Is there any way to employ the trigger from the Classic List. I hane the experience and navigation to be consistent in the entire site. 

Today I realized there is another thread discussing this topic with some more feedback from Microsoft

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