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SharePoint list & automated Flow- Email in Lookup field from second list



I have an automated flow that sends an email upon creating a new item in the primary SharePoint list. Everything is functional with that email. 


However, I want to send a copy of that email to another recipient whose name comes from a lookup in another SharePoint list. Essentially, I first tried to link the lookup to also transpose the column with the email address (from an Office 365 account), but I found that this doesn't work. So I then tried writing the email address in a text field 'TextEmail'], that I can now lookup in the primary Sharepoint list ("List2"). So far so good. 


The problem then comes to adding this "Text field" email address into the "To:" field of my "Send an email" flow. In the "Add dynamic content" choices, only fields that are recognized as emails (people or group columns) are available... So I tried to add an expression but it does not seem to work (the flow is successful, however it returns nothing - blank - as a result of the expressions I have tried). I have tried: 






I also replaced the email address in the "TextEmail" to add "mailto:" before the email address, same result (blank).


Is there something else you could suggest to get this to work? 


Thanks for any suggestions you may have! 




Community Champion
Community Champion

@Blamb , Is TextEmail a lookup column on your primary list?

Anna Jhaveri

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Hi @annajhaveri , thanks for taking the time to read my question. 


TextEmail is a lookup column; it gets the information from the secondary list. 



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Well, it turns out I found a way to make it work and solved my own problem. It's a bit convoluted but perhaps it can help someone else in the same predicament. 


I created another Person or Group column ("Email"). I created a flow that updates the item (in this test, I used a manual trigger - for a selected item).


For a selected item

Get item

Update item


In the new Person or Group column "Email Claims", I entered the dynamic content of the TextEmail column: outputs('Get_item')?['body/TextEmail/Value'].


This populates the new Email column with the data from the Lookup column, as a functional Person or Group which can now be put into the "To:" field of a "Send an email" flow step. 

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