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Sharepoint Copying File One to Another

Hi Guys, I would Like to ask, is there any ways to copy a files into subfolder based on a files names. I have this subfolder on another sharepoint, which contains the file signed by my Bosses(photo 1) and I needed to copy the signed file based on the file names (first 3-4 digits on the file) into my own project sharepoint library(photo 2). 


For example, after i prepared the file for signature like the 444) Geonamic (jul22) COP 02 named file below for my bosses e-signature, after my boss sign, he will create one sub-folder (inside the photo 1) and move the signed file and rename it eg: 444) Geonamic (jul22) COP 02 (TKY). After that i will need to copy the signed-file manually into my project sharepoint library(photo 2) which is also under subfolder in my sharepoint library.


And my question is how do i set the slow condition to copy the files based on a folder/subfolder at the sharepoint, and the first 3-4 digits file name to another folder/ subfolder thats contain the same first 3-4 digits that is in my another sharepoint library.
Remarks : the photo showns is under my local computer instead of the browser version because i already synced it to my computer.
Please also forgive me if i doesnt interpret correctly... thanks


Community Champion
Community Champion

Can you identify where a file starting with COP_04, or COP_02 is filed? Yes. The easiest way? A list with a column for the key term (COP_02, COP_04, etc) and then a column for the folder path it belongs in. Then all you need do when something is modified is check the first 5 characters, query the list for it, and retrieve the matching folder. Use that as your path.


For the signature part -  you're saying you want to rename it and move it again. So I suspect that the first thing you'd do in your flow is check if the last 5 characters in the filename include 2 brackets. If so, then it should go to the project folder. If not, then it should go via the matrix.

That's a start...

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