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Sharepoint List Multi Select Column to Adaptive Card

I have a sharepoint list with a multi select column and I need to get that data and add it to an Adaptive Card as a single line of text. I can't use variabes and append each value to a string because I have an "Apply to each" loop runnning concurrently with a degree of 50, so the variables get caught each up with each other.



The output of the column to the adaptive card should be something like "x, y, z".

Super User
Super User

Hi @Goochy13,


With the following expressions you should be able to show the value of Multi select column of the first three options separately. In my example MultiChoice is the name of the multi select SharePoint column.



Happy to help out! 🙂

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Just out of curiosity, is there any dynamic way of doing this?


And would I put that expression in a "compose" block or something else?

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @Goochy13 

Try to do the following

  • Before AdaptiveCard action, declare a variable to hold the comma-separated choice.
  • Add append variable action and select the multi-select column. Power automate will automatically wrap the append action inside Apply to each since it is the multi-select column.
  • Use the variable declared in the first step in the AdaptiveCard action.

For each item, you may have single or multiple choice selected so you have to go with the Apply to each for the choice column to pull the values dynamically. Try it out and let me know.


Hope it helps, please like it or mark it as a solution if it resolves your clarification or issue
-Sudharsan K...

I can't use variables when the outer "Apply to each" loop runs with a parallel degree of 50.

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