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Sharepoint List to Html Table in Send email



can anybody tell me what is to correct way to parse a SHP List with 20+ colls in a way that only selected collumns are outputted to a html table in a send mail action. I want to create a flow that runs daily to send summary emails (and no, SHP alerts are not a acceptable workaround 😞 also It needs to be in one email only).


Rant: Shouldnt this be trivial? I have spent more than 3hours trying to piece this together 😞 unfortunately I am unable to find reference for Data operations Actions (can anyone please point me to the right direction, I would doubly appreciate if it had ms flow ready examples) /endrant


I have tried multiple combinations, the one that makes the most sense:




This is so valuable that I felt compelled to respoond. I second the other poster's gratitude in being able to use this trick. I spent hours trying to figure out how to get rid of the nested apply to each that kept popping up! I cannot post the details but the overall flow that ran successfully is below:


I added the send an email notification because if you use the regular "send an email" action, the html tags will remain intermixed with the data. I wanted the flexibility of being able to send this report to external users and a distribution list as well and not just receive notifications using the default notification actions in Flow.


Thanks again and email me at if you have specific questions about how I put this flow together. The reporting application of this flow is pretty signifigant.

Great thread, glad I finally found it! I have an identical Flow set up (same as screenshot above @ZoneofZen). I just have one more need and am struggling to find an answer.  My filter array action currently is set to filter the array based on 1 column value, but I would like to filter on 2 columns.  I tried adding another filter array action below, but got the auto apply-to-each - I then tested it anyway and did not get the desired results.  With the way my Flow is set up, I think I have 2 options.  Either edit the 1st Filter Array in advanced mode - here's the current filter:

@equals(item()?['Status']?['Value'], 'Open')

I'm not sure what the syntax is to add another filter argument.


Or, I can perhaps do what I already tried...adding another Filter Array (maybe i'm doing something incorrectly).

 Any ideas?


Also, why can't we add multiple filters in the filter array action UI???

I think I found my answer finally!! There's a section in this link called 'Use the And expression'

Thanks for posting that link! That is one of the first articles that talks about each component of an expression with multiple conditions in flow. Great find.

@Anonymous Just want to say I have been looking how to do this for DAYS and I stumbled across your comment and it worked thanks so much!

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