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Sharepoint list and library in the same flow

Hi all,


I'm trying to build a signature app on PowerApps and Flow.


I have a form on PowerApps to save the name in a SharePoint list and then on the next screen I have a pen input which save the signature in a Sharepoint Library. That works well.


The problem is I want to use a Word template which triggers when the signature is saved but I also need to get the name of the one who signed.


My flow is: 

- triggers when the signature file is created in the library

- get this file content 

- get items to get the person's First and Last name in the list

- Template a word with the name and signature of the person


This flow works well if I fill the filter Query with a letter or directly the name myself ( ex: substringof('A',Column_Title) ) but the flow needs to be automatic.


I tried to set the Filter Query with " substringof('TriggerOutputs()['headers']['x-ms-file-name-encoded']',Column_Title)" but it never finds any record maybe because the signature file names are all saved with this name format "FirstName LastName.jpg" so I think the ".jpg" is the reason why.


I also tried to set the Filter Query with " Date lt 'addSeconds(utcNow(),45)' " because I want to get the latest saved record but this time the error says that the Date colums doesn't exist even thought it truely exist.


Anyone have any thoughts on doing this ?

Thanks in advance 



Community Champion
Community Champion

I made a video on how to do some of this recently.


I push the signature through to Flow from PowerApps and then temporary create a file of signature and then put the signature in the document and then delete the file. Mine then attaches the finished pdf document back to that item on the sharepoint list as an attachment. 

Thx for your answer @rebeccas,


Yes I saw your video and it worked but I wanted to have the form in a first screen and the signature in a second and in that case i don't think i can use the same form on 2 different screens.


I'll try other things to continue with my 2 different screens but if i don't figure it out i'll use your method.




Community Champion
Community Champion



You can do that. What you do is have the form on your first screen and the button that goes to the second screen does not submit the just goes to the second screen.


Then on the second screen you can have the signature and whatever other fields you have outside a form. set the default on those fields in the first screen to pull that data (and just hide the cards for those where they aren't visible) from the controls/text input on the second screen and on the second screen you can submit the form that is on the first screen. 


The values will hold on that form even when you are on a different screen until you tell them to reset. 


Let me know if I didn't explain that well enough and I will break it down further.



Okay thx i didn't knew that.

Yes actually i understand how this works but i didn't get the settings for the second screen.

Is it possible for you to develop a bit more or maybe you have another link so i can understand more visually ?


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