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Helper II
Helper II

Sharepoint updating file log

I would like to update an excel file stored on sharepoint with the file properties in that library. However it seems to not be updating, am i missing a step? The folder contains 10 files, but when i run this flow, it does not reflect any rows in the excel file i have uploaded there.







Super User
Super User

Have you tried wrapping those values in a string() function within an expression, instead of placing them directly in there?


I'm not under any illusions that it would resolve this issue, but it's worth a shot. 😉

I can give it a try, did you mean something like below (i typed "string()" then placed "value" dynamic content inside brackets)


Yeah, give that a shot as an expression ... except it looks a bit malformed. Lemme just get the exact syntax for that.










Again, I don't think this will solve it, but it might help.

Still does not update the table.

Thanks though



What shows up in the results when you run the flow, are there any errors?


Is there a chance that this is updating a duplicate file?

No errors, it just does not populate the excel file. This wouldnt remove rows if a file is removed from the sharepoint library would it? 

Super User
Super User

I don't think so.


Is there a chance you could update the original question with your full flow, please?


Maybe we'll see something obvious.

It is just those, plus a recurrence trigger to start. (I ran the flow to test it). 

But i would like the excel sheet to populate the rows with current data, maybe i should be looking at creating an excel file each time from scratch and have it overwrite the old one, so if a file is deleted from a folder, then the excel table will not reflect that deleted file. Essentially i am looking at creating an excel table that will act as a log of everything in the sharepoint folder. A log that reflects the current data, not anything that has been removed. Should i close this thread and start a new one? 

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