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Resolver III
Resolver III

Show on Card? Microsoft Planner

I am in the process of creating a flow that integrates with MS Planner but some reason there is no option to indicate Show on card in the flow. I wonder whether this feature is available in Power Automate flow?






Accepted Solutions
Super User
Super User

Hi @Lorem1960,


As a workaround you could try and use the Graph API for that and use a PATCH request to set the previewType property to checklist via the Update plannertaskdetails,


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Super User
Super User

Hi @Lorem1960,


As a workaround you could try and use the Graph API for that and use a PATCH request to set the previewType property to checklist via the Update plannertaskdetails,


@Expiscornovus and @Lorem1960 I was able to make this work for checklists but not for "previewType": "description". If you managed to make it work with the description, would you mind sharing the code?

@shavora can you share the portion of your code or a screenshot of how you got the checklist to work?

Absolutely, @ishesb what you need is the ID of the planner task that you want to update.


Skärmavbild 2022-03-05 kl. 11.07.43.png

Click on show advanced options. Here you need to reference the right etag on the task. In CustomHeader2: Prefer: return=representation

Skärmavbild 2022-03-05 kl. 11.11.39.png

 This is thanks to @DamoBird365 who shows this on his YouTube channel. 

Helper II
Helper II

Hi, I've been looking for this to use and looks perfect but I don't seem to have a body.@odata.etag content available. How would I find/create that please or do you have the link to @DamoBird365 's video as I couldn't find it. TIA.Screenshot 2022-03-08 125935.png

@shavora this is great! 


I am on the same boat as @JustAPACreator with the etag, I found @DamoBird365 's video but it does not go into any more detail than that, he refers to the documentation but I am not able to find it there either 😞


Any input welcome, thanks in advance!

I manage to find the video under Bulk Import Tasks into Planner using Power Automate and the specific part is here Bulk Import Tasks into Planner using Power Automate but as you noted, doesn't show how to create that part. 

Ah! Might be an eureka moment but found this reply from @DamoBird365 to the same question we have:

16 minutes ago
Are you using the update task details action prior to this? It’s quite possible that I typed the expression in manually. Can you see etag in the history output of the update task details output and if so, try writing a manual expression to retrieve this key or value, keep me posted.

@ishesb  It is actually typing this as an expression: outputs('Update_task_details')?['body']?['@odata.etag']

It isn't available as a dynamic value, but we can still find it if we write the custom expression.

It will look like a pink expression first and when you save it, it will become a planner green symbol like in the picture. 

Just remember that if you change the name of the Update task details, you will have to click on this expression and edit it. Like: outputs('Update_my_planner_task')?['body']?['@odata.etag']

Ah, mine turned into an fx icon when I typed it out and thought I'd got it wrong. I ended up downloading the Flow from the YouTube video and copying it across. Thank you @shavora for giving this very helpful insight so I can recreate rather than rely on a copy and paste.

@shavora that explains it! Thank you so much!  I now understand what @damobird365 was talking about!

Helper II
Helper II

I am very new to PA and Flows so mine might not be best practice (I tend to write a description in the title) but I did what you said @shavora.. typed it out as an expression:



 And I have this Planner action preceeding it:
Planner actions.png


But the icon never resolves as I can't save it and Flow Checker says "Not a chance of saving that son":


Flow Checker.png


What did I do wrong, can you tell at all?

@JustAPACreator you need underscore between each letter and if you have a white space after the last word that also needs to be underscored. Planner_-_Add_Attachments_and_Checklist_Items_   <-- I added the underscore after, but yours might not have it. So try both. 

Ah thank you so much, IT WORKED 😀. I saved it, ran it and it's still purple and showing as an fx content but it's doing it's thing:
Screenshot 2022-03-09 091851.png


Screenshot 2022-03-09 091937.png
I've learned another new thing: Don't use complex names as it creates work ha ha. Thank you buddy.

Regular Visitor

@JustAPACreator @shavora  


Sorry to have bother everyone, it was just a dumb mistake haha Im learning ! Its solved now on my part, thanks !


original message :

idk if you could help, Im having a problem at this part in body :


"previewType": "checklist"


Here's the error message I get : 

The request is invalid:
This field cannot be modified
Parameter name: PreviewType 






Hi @jbreg Could you share some more of the flow you created? W might be able to figure it out if we see it.

Regular Visitor

Hey @shavora I found out my ID was misplaced in my path. Everything works fine ! Thank you so much for the reply tho !



Helper I
Helper I

Another way to solve this is to create the task with the “create task” action, and then after that make an “update task detail” and add the detail you want “show on card”. That be an attachment, checklist or description… I found that the last action with “update task details” will default to show on card… 

Hi, I have been looking for a solution to this and added everything in the tutorial from the video as well as screenshots that have been shared on here with no joy.


This is the Step setup;


Step 1.




Details that are hidden in bold;

Subject filter: Internal Enquiry Form


Step 2.




Step 3.




Step 4.




Details that are hidden in bold;

"parameters": {


Step 5.




Details that are hidden in bold;

Submitted a test under the following conditions and all went through with no errors.
When i head over to the planner it is showing as not ticked in the red triangle. Where have I gone wrong?


I am a novice at the moment and learning as a go along :).
 Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.



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