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Simple workflow to send email on status equaling a value

OK soe things in flow are better and some things are worse than SharePoint designer. All I am trying to do is when a column status equals "Value1" send email. I wish they would just set up a trigger for only CHANGES. I tried using the trigger "When a item is created or modified" and use the switch and using modified then I get all these defaults which I dont care about that. I just want ANY item that gets a change and that value equals a status to send an email


What am I missing?


I really hate Custom Applications installed on SharePoint that restrict the SharePoint designer from connecting so I am stuck with Flow and even that has a hard time connecting to the back end lists in it. I was able to see values but I saved the FLOW and tested. I changed the value to "Closed" and still no email


What could I be missing?




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous,


Could you please share a screenshot of the configuration of your flow?

Could you please explain more details about the status column?What is the type of the status column?Is it a Single line of text column?Or is it a Choice type column?


If the status column is a Single line of text type column,please create the flow as below:




If the status column is a choice type column,please create the flow as below:




Best regards,


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The issue is I don't want a flow that is created or modified. Why can we not have a flow for only changes? I already have multiple items that exist and need to send email notifications when something changes on them. I would just use SP designer which would be much easier but this app we are using only allows flow connections. Very frustrating.


So I just need a FLOW that says when this drop down status column choice equals "Closed" send email to the following people.


That is it. Was so easy in SP designer to complete this simple task.


Any help would be appreciated.


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Anyone have any ideas or a walkthrough so I can set up an email when the item is marked from a drop down as CLOSED?


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Why when I go to Flow site and try to find this one I don't see it.? This is what I want. I want to create flow on edit of item only.




Unfortunately, there is no action that fires only when an item is modified.  One technique you can use is to have a condition that compares the created and modified dates/times.  If they are the same, this is a new item and you can exit the Flow.  If not, the item has been changed and you can take action as appropriate.




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Thanks @ScottShearer How would I do a compare in FLOW? I know SP Designer really well and this is not anything like that so this is a work in progress for me.


I do find it completely absurd there is not a FLOW for a simple ON CHANGE or MODIFIED action do this..... So where did it go? If you see my screen shot above apparently it was there at one time.


I alkso tried another solution or workaround. I created another list where I used the Flow "Get Items" and then filtered by conditions on the status and copied those items into another list. So they could be cross referenced. Now I have another issue. When I run "Get Items" action it only runs to 1-100. What if I have more? It isn't pulling all of them.


Any ideas?


Thanks again

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