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Single email sent to each member of a sharepoint list

Hello! My challenge is I am trying to create a flow to ask all company managers if they have completed their payroll processing for the week. I have tried both send email with options and an approval flow, but each manager needs to answer the yes or no prompt before it will move on to the next step of the flow which is to update the item in the sharepoint list. Besides creating 30 separate flows for each 1 manager, is there a way to have Flow send off a single Email with Option for every one item in the list which contains the managers contact information? This way each person can mark yes and then their unique flow can complete and update their record. 

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You can put all 30 managers in one action and Select Everyone must approve.



But using this approach, your next action which is update Item will execute only once all managers approved.


If you wish to immediately approve after a manager approved, you will have to have them created in parallel and then each has its own branch to update... Something like below. It will be a cumbersome activity...





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Thank You, I was hoping to not have to do the parallel as you suggested but I do at least appreciate having someone else agree this was my only other choice. I was hoping there would be a way with an expression to load all the users into a table and have the flow able to identify one at a time, but was not sure if that was possible. I will pursue the parallel route. 

You can always run a loop and grab all approvers and create a comma seperated string. There isnt any issue here. Issue is assigning task and grabbing their action. You will have to wait until everyone takes their action in order to run update ListItem and that is something you do not intend to. If you can, this option is simple.

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