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Advocate I
Advocate I

Slack slash command failed with the error "dispatch_failed"

Hello.  I'm trying to build a simple "Suggestions Box" slash command in Slack and use Power Automate to document the suggestions we receive to a SharePoint list.  Here is the desired outcome:


  1. Slack user types: /suggestion This is a sample suggestion.
  2. Slack user gets a response: Thank you for your suggestion.
  3. Suggestion text is recorded to a SharePoint list.


I'm through steps 1 and 2 just fine. I'm using "When a HTTP request is received" as my trigger, then I give a 200 response, parse the JSON, filter the information I want to keep, then make a HTTP post request back to the response_url specified by Slack.  That's all great.


As soon as I add any other action and save my flow, all of the sudden, my slash command won't even trigger the flow to run. Instead, Slack gives me a message: /suggestion failed with the error "dispatch_failed".  I've even tried just adding a simple action completely unrelated like sending myself an email with no collected information, and I get the same response.  The flow doesn't even run, and Slack gives me that error.  If I remove the last action, save, and test again, it all runs perfectly.


Thanks in advance for any assistance!


***EDIT*** Upon further troubleshooting, it appears that I can add some extremely simple actions that do not require a connection, but any action that requires a 365 connection causes the HTTP Request to not trigger.  Examples I've tried include: Create Item (SharePoint), Send an Email, Post Message (Slack), Get User Profile (365), etc.   Actions that do not cause the trigger to fail are simple actions like Compose and Initiate Variable.

Advocate III
Advocate III

Experiencing similar issues. I can't find any information on this issue elsewhere.


It seems that flow won't allow slack slash command triggers when the flow contains certain actions / connectors. Difficult to troubleshoot.

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