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Solicit monthly feedback from all users in a team on Teams

Power automate newb here. I've successfully learned how to post an adaptive card to a team to solicit information that I then append to an Excel spreadsheet. My use case for that is reminding myself to record a weekly update of progress on a project to create a running project history. However, it would also be great to be able to do something similar that allows everyone on a team to enter updates for their projects. Imagine a team that is just for supervisors and each of them needs to report on x number of their projects to the manager each month.


But first, let's keep it simple: Let's imagine there is one team that all supervisors belong to. Each month (I already know how to schedule the recurrence), I want a message to automatically post to the team chat that asks for each supervisor's monthly update to be entered. By responding to that message (I'm assuming this will be an adaptive card with an input field), their update posts to a single spreadsheet table so the manager can see everyone's project reports in the same table. Ideally, the solution would not require knowing the team members in advance, since they might change (so no hard-coded email addresses). Also, while I think it's OK if everything goes to the same table every month, it would be amazing a new sheet in the workbook could be created for each month. 


Any hints about how to approach any part of this would be greatly appreciated!


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