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Advocate V

Some of the connections are not authorized yet - used new Connection References (preview) in a Solution and cannot save anything

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Have an Automated Flow inside a Solution. It was not created from inside the Solution because it was a copy of another Flow. It had to be added in later. Flow was angry at all the connections, of course, and prompted me to create a Connection Reference, which I did. I gave it a custom, identifiable name, which is fantastic because the wall of identical connections I usually have to contend with is not helpful at all.

(Some metadata there would be great, Microsoft. Like, when was this connection created, how many flows is it associated with, is it good or broken, etc... Also, please put the connection list in some kind of order! When I created my custom connection reference, I was shocked to see it appear smack in the middle of my existing list of connections. No apparent order of any kind. How did I ever have any hope of choosing the right one??)

Anyway, I stepped through every action and reset every connection to my new, custom reference. There are NO errors and NO warnings in the Flow Checker, yet I still cannot save my hours of work. Any idea why this is happening? Is this a bug or is something wrong with my particular environment here? I have triple checked every single action and there are no more warnings or complaints that I can see. I just lost an entire day fighting with connection references and I have no clue where to go from here. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


On a related note: PLEASE allow us to save flows that contain errors or warnings. Just turn them off if they are broken, but let us save. This is really difficult to deal with.


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