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Advocate II
Advocate II

Split email string then move email based off string value using condition

Probably on hour 4 now...and still can't get this to work...


What I'm trying to do:

  • Pertinent background info - My organization's email address begins with a 1-3 digit number or it does not depending on the location we work, followed by a period, then name, then @organization. A few examples: (,,
  • High level Flow overview - When an email arrives in a shared mailbox, get the text before the "." in the From address, then, depending on the value, move the email to a specific folder in the 'main' mailbox.  The goal is to consolidate a number of shared mailboxes into one.  We think Flow will give us some flexibility with routing emails (maybe Flow is not the best idea?!)
  • I believe i have the expression to get the value before the period, but I can't get the condition to work. it either errors, or evaluates as false when it should be true.  It may be a string/integer issue but every combination i try fails to work. I also am not a variable/compose expert, so maybe i am using the wrong data operation
  • Here's my latest version of the Flow (I now have 4 different saved versions...all of which are not working). Note that i have hardcoded the condition value as a string:
    email flow.pngwhen testing this version, I am using an email sent from  Here is the error I am getting:
  • email flow error.pngI've searched for help on this but can't seem to figure it out; any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • Thanks!
  • -Kurt
Community Support
Community Support

Hi @kbarber,


I have made a test on my side, please modify the expression in the Condition as below:

@equals(outputs('Compose'), '2')

The screenshot of the flow as below:


If the email address is "", the flow would run successfully as below:



Best regards,


Thank you @v-yuazh-msft!


So I think I was mistaken regarding what was causing the error.  I realize now that I am getting an error on the condition because the ensuing action is failing.  If the condition succeeds, the Move Email action should run, which takes the Message ID from the "When a new email arrives in a shared inbox" trigger and moves the email to the specified folder (see initial screenshot above).

Here's more detail on the error:


The specified object was not found in the store., The process failed to get the correct properties.
clientRequestId: 706ee073-9726-4259-869b-adb6642c4a4a
serviceRequestId: 2604d23b-4418-4dcb-a5ba-c0ea98a9c490

email flow error2.png

So, i believe the condition is working find.

I did some research on the "Move Email" action but haven't found anything yet that explains the error...


Any ideas?


Thanks again,

- Kurt

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