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Split text

Hi all, I need some help in splitting out some text values.  From the MS Form they are formatted like this


["Monitor x 2","Keyboard","Mouse"]


I need just the text and not the [ " , ]  Also is it possible to format the results into a HTML table for an email?





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Super User

They are formatted as an array, which is how they should be. What is your objective? (other than to remove them out of the array). When you access the elements of the array, they will not have the array formatting on them.

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No array is present in the flow.  The results come from the standard Form connector get response results and recorded in a SharePoint list.  What I want and need is for each item listed to be split out on separate lines instead of item1,item2 I need......


item 1

item 2 

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You misunderstand me...


["Monitor x 2","Keyboard","Mouse"]


IS an array, that is what a JSON array looks like. Which is why I asked what your desired output is, so I can help you get to that.

For example, you could use a join expression on that array depending on what separator you used it would create different output, like:


Monitor x 2, Keyboard, Mouse or

Monitor x 2;Keyboard;Mouse


In answer to your HTML table question. It can almost go into a table, you need to run it through a select action to give it a column name. The HTML action wants an array of objects, not an array of values, which is what you have right now.

It would be best if you just posted a screenshot of your flow and then we can give you some pointers where to go next.

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