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Status 400 Specified User could not be found - only impacts one user



I have a flow where a user submits a form via Microsoft Forms and then the results are saved in Sharepoint. My flow pulls in additional information that is preloaded to another sharepoint list by user. Essentially, my flow looks at who submitted the form and then pulls information into the Sharepoint item based on the submitter matching the user listed in the other sharepoint list. We have used this for about a year and haven't had any problems but I recently began having an issue where a single user cannot be found. The flow has and continues to work for all other users.


This user submitted a form late June and it worked but the form she submitted this past week did not work. I went a resubmitted the flow that worked in June and it is no longer working either. Here is the error we are receiving:


 "status": 400,
  "message": "The specified user Jones, Kimberly could not be found.\r\nclientRequestId: cd1189c3-d6ee-457a-bc30-799d894d7263\r\nserviceRequestId: cd1189c3-d6ee-457a-bc30-799d894d7263"


While the error is saying the user cannot be found, you can see that it is finding the correct user and attempting to pull in the appropriate fields. This user is item number 49 in the Sharepoint list and line 49 is where the flow is failing so it is seeing there is a match. However, it is still failing due to no user found. Below are screenshots of the flow as well as the audit of the failure.


Capture 1a.JPG


Capture 1b.JPG


Capture 1c.JPG


Capture 1d.JPG


Capture 1.JPG


Capture 2.JPG


Capture 3.JPG


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @kels89 ,


It seems that Flow configuration is fine.

Please try using Mail to configure User Profile Claims instead of Display Name.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Barry
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@v-bacao-msft I do not hae  user profile claims option for this condition. Any thoughts on how to ge **bleep**? I have tried both mail and display name and neither is working but I'm happy to try this as well.


Capture 2a.JPGCapture 2b.JPGCapture 2c.JPGCapture 2d.JPGCapture 2e.JPG


@kels89 : I am having similar issue, were you able to resolve the issue?

Advocate I
Advocate I

I am having a similar issue and wondered if this ever was resolved?

@Axford_Clare I noticed that it was happening when there were multiple users with the same display name. On using email instead of display name it resolved the issue as search for users was returning only 1 user in that case. Other way of resolving it could be by using top 1 with display name to just pick the first user that is being returned. 

What fixed it for me was changing the Display name to UPN.

Helper I
Helper I

I hope you found a fix for this. I had a similar issue.

A new approval Workflow that creates an item in a Sharepoint list when an email is approved.

I was using the DISPLAYNAME of the item creator to populate a People-picker field in the Sharepoint list.

It worked for most people but occasionally threw up the 400 error saying it could not find the user.

Even though the user's details were clearly in the input.

I changed the field (called Coach Claims) to 'Çoach Email'. But I only realised this after trawling through hundreds of similar error messages like yours.  Thanks.



Unfortunately I never found a fix but it did seem to correct itself at some point.... the issue never repeated with anyone else or with that user. 

I did find a fix. 


I was creating a new item in SHarepoint list when a user filled in details.

I was populating the People-Picker field in the list with the DisplayName of the user form the form.

Most users worked, but annoyingly some didn't.

I changed the Workflow so that the People-Picker field was populated with the UPN (in our case, email address) and it has been working fine ever since.

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