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Stop Approvals app in Teams getting 'Final status: Completed' notification

My Flow is sending two notifications to the Approvals app in Teams from a 'start and wait for approval' action.

The first notification is the Approval notification from which the response actions actions are chosen ie Approve/Revision Required/Reject

Once the response action has been completed a second notification is sent - 'Final status: Completed' - I need to stop this second notification being sent.


My Flow has multiple stages of approval so this notification is technically incorrect as there can be another four separate approvals before the item has been finally approved so this message is unnecessary and confusing, the user may think their item has completed the approval cycle when in fact it hasn't.

There is a final notification in the Flow to the item creator once it has completed all stages of approval.

New Member

I'm experiencing the same problem, though mine is mainly for that final notification. The user who created the flow (in our case for another team) is flooded with notifications despite having no interest in them. I'd love to have a way to turn the Final Status notification off or assign it to the requestor exclusively.

Helper V
Helper V

Go teams - > activity-> Gear -> approval - > edit & turnoff all


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As per the original post, I need to turn off the second notification, not all of them

yes. sorry. Since you are looking to turn off just the final action. just the 2nd.

New Member

I'm struggling with the same. Are there any methods to achieve this? Thanks!

I did not get any a solution for this. Microsoft is trying to sneak teams every where possible. And we can’t stop flow notifications coming from teams on a computer. 

on phone we have a better control. We can turn off the notification app based. 

I'm using the same "Start and wait for an approval" flow, and it properly sends out an email with the "Approve" and "Reject" buttons. In that step in the flow, there is an option to "Enable notifications". Has anyone found a way to send out the email with the approve/reject buttons, but not send out Teams notifications? Asking hundreds of people to disable these notifications in Teams is not something I would want to do.


Thank you, in advance!


Steve in Spain

You got that right. You can control email notifications, but you have to live with teams notification. I don’t think there is a choice. 

Microsoft is trying to add every product possible to teams. 




Hmm.... thanks!


    If I disable those notifications, then add a new step to send an email, I am assuming I won't be able to add an approve/reject button there, right?


Steve in Spain

Send an email action will not have an approve reject button. 

Is you are trying to add a approve/reject button, you must use a approval Action. 

New Member


Did anybody found solution to this? I need to use “ start and wait for approval”. Final completed notification is confusing.


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I also need a resolution to this issue.

Regular Visitor

Lol I see this is not an old problem. I need a resolution to this as well

I see this is indeed not an old problem, to my dismay 😞 

Resolver I
Resolver I

Why do Microsoft choose to ignore all these requests?  I have the same issue.  There should be an option to turn teams Feed alerts on or off. 


In my case I want to change the Title of the alert as it doesn't match the outcome, which is a custom approval outcome.  It says final outcome: completed.  I want it to say final outcome: Checked Ok as this is only the first approval of two and my users are getting confused.

Regular Visitor

Same, I can't understand why Microsoft hasn't fixed this oversight yet... with 3 approvers for 3 stages (Brand/Compliance/Final authorisation), each stage comes back to the submitter as "Final Status: Approved". it should say brand stage approved or something like that.  

Frequent Visitor

I do have the same problem, and I expect Microsoft to find soon a "good solution", let's hope

New Member

Brand new to Power Automate, Flows, etc but I have hit this problem on the second flow I have bodged together. My colleagues are familiar with email, not all are familiar with/use/like Teams. I am hoping this is a solution (for me): 2 ways to approve requests and documents in Microsoft Flow - SharePoint Maven. Looks like Option 1 will sidestep Teams (but looks like it will not allow comments). Haven't had the chance to test yet.

New Member

How TF is this not resolved yet?

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