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Advocate I

Stop Approvals app in Teams getting 'Final status: Completed' notification

My Flow is sending two notifications to the Approvals app in Teams from a 'start and wait for approval' action.

The first notification is the Approval notification from which the response actions actions are chosen ie Approve/Revision Required/Reject

Once the response action has been completed a second notification is sent - 'Final status: Completed' - I need to stop this second notification being sent.


My Flow has multiple stages of approval so this notification is technically incorrect as there can be another four separate approvals before the item has been finally approved so this message is unnecessary and confusing, the user may think their item has completed the approval cycle when in fact it hasn't.

There is a final notification in the Flow to the item creator once it has completed all stages of approval.

New Member

For me the solution is to turn off the following setting:

Notifications - Approval


I have tried to turn off "Approval has been Aprroved" without success.


Regular Visitor

Does MS provide new function to meet the requirement? Lot of people has same request!

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I am also in need of this as the first step is just a review before it goes on to approval.  Sending the Final Status: Approved notification is wrong at the first step.  There should be an option to enable/disable the notifications sent at each flow.

Resolver I
Resolver I

I figured out how to resolve this.


Option 1 - This option shuts down both the email notification and push notification.

All the approvals go into a Dataverse Table in the default environment. You need to update the permissions the account the flow is running under in the Dynamics environment, so it has "Approval Admin" permission to change the Approval record. Once you do that, in Power Automate before the "Wait for Approval" action add a Dataverse "Update a row" action to turn off email notifications. This stops the "Final Status:Completed" notification from going out. 


Hope this help!






Option 2 - Dataverse Flow Approval Table - Disable email OR Disable push notification. 

This works if you are using the Create Approval and Wait for Approval actions by themselves. In the Dataverse Flow Approval table is where the actual approval within the flow. There is one row for the approval and another for each "waiting for approval" action (if using in combined action or by itself). There are 2 fields set to true. Send email notification and Send Push Notification. You could create a parallel action along with the "Wait for approval" action and have the first action be a delay of 2 seconds, then put the "Turn off email notification" (Update a row) to update this table instead of the Approvals table. 




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