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Taking output from SQL Get Rows and turning into individual Strings?

Hi all, I have established a connection from Power automate to our SQL database, and seemed to figure out how to get the rows I am looking for, but I cannot seem to take these rows and do anything with them. 


My goal is to build a Power Automate flow that, when passed a Job Number, goes and grabs all rows from the relevant table data and then updates the record in Dynamics. I have gotten as far as getting the rows of data from the database while passing the Job Number, but I cannot seem to figure out how to get the output into individual strings (which is what Dynamics Update a Record asks for)


I was able to turn the whole thing into a string using set variable, but again the goal is to grab multiple rows and turn them into strings, not just the whole thing. Any ideas on how to finish this?

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To give a little more context, please see screenshot of my Flow. 





And then here's the input and output into the Filter Array - Which is how I am trying to take this array and turn them into individual objects, to then be turned into strings and input into the Update Rows action in Dynamics




Hi @dompilione 


Thanks for your posting.


According to your description, you would like to get data from SQL and copy to dynamic but get some problem.


If that’s the case, I recommend you add ‘update a record’ action outside of ‘apply to each 2’ then you will get individual object with no problem. Meanwhile, if you want to get string format of that object, you just need to string() function to switch it.


Using filter array, we can get an array with specific condition.

If we use apply to each, we can get separate object for one record of a list.

Reference guide for functions in expressions - Azure Logic Apps | Microsoft Docs


Best regards,


Hi, thank you for your response. I think I'm on the right track here thanks to help you have given me, but I have run into a wall here. I'm taking the JobNumber item from the row, and I'm trying to figure out how to just get the single output value of the JobNumber that's input but it just returns the same input? Here's how it is set up




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